Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Logical Device to Fit - if you have an Overdrive

Logic overdrive devices.

I have read with some amusement all the too-ings and fro-ings on this subject with some correspondents making it all sound desperately difficult.
What is the background? Well, when Revington TR was called TR Spares Southwest in 1982 ish, I designed a device to allow me to change gear and overdrive at the same time specifically with racing in mind but obviously I found that the device was a fantastic improvement on all cars both road and competition. I called this device a ’Logic Overdrive device’ (sound familiar?)
Initially the device was constructed of basic electrics but has since been redesigned and is now fully electronic.
So how does it operate and how do you fit it? There is no need to remove the gearbox tunnel, the box of tricks and all the other fittings that come in the kit (which comes with full instructions), is wired into the existing wiring from the gearbox tunnel upwards to the switch and original relay (pre CF CR TR6 cars). A flick switch RTR8436 is used to operate the system and in the case of TR4-6 the original switch can be modified to become a flick switch (Meaning momentary operation with self-return). The modus operandi is this: Whatever gear or state of overdrive the car is in when the ignition is turned off, the overdrive will be off when you turn on the ignition again. When overdrive is required (in an overdrive enabled gear of course), flick the switch. When a non-overdrive gear is required from an overdrive gear, flick the switch. If a fast change is required from say 2nd overdrive to non -overdrive 3rd , just move the gear lever to 3rd and the logic device will disengage overdrive for you as you pass through the gear shift gate. This applies to any gear change up or down the gearbox where the start point was an overdrive gear.
We recommend a light on the dash to identify the overdrive state.  And it is worth noting that both negative and positive earth devices are available.

Two types of kits are available RTR1001K which is a basic unit suitable for both positive and negative earth and RTR1296NK, RTR1296PK which provide a facility to dim the indicator lamp independently for both day and night. The ‘N’ and the ‘P’ in these part numbers indicates negative and positive earth variants.
To find out prices and more, just click on the part numbers above or type these part numbers into the search box on our website 
That is the history and I can confirm these units have been sold by their thousands and continue to work faultlessly in many applications (not just TR’s) around the world, so now there is no need to go searching for components to build a device that may or may not work, it has all be designed for you and been field tested in thousands of cars for the last 30 years.

J. Neil Revington

Knobs and nuts - For your TR4-6.

RevingtonTR have now sourced a new high quality spherical gear knob for TR4-6 (Fitted up to CP53853) part number 131246. The Spherical knob is made in a hard plastic and has a metal insert to ensure it can be securely fixed to the gear lever using one of our  new shiny nuts NP505064. It has a smooth finish with no uncomfortable moulding lines so it feels smooth to the touch. This will give your TR the original look and also ensure the knob fits securely and correctly. The knob has a plain top with no gear position markings. Click here to go to the gearknob. There is also now a stainless steel locknut for the TR2-3A gearknob. The nut can be polished to get a shiny finish. See part number 109047. Click here to view 109047

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

RevingtonTR - Bosch PI Specialists

At RevingtonTR we have been repairing standard PI installations and designing and installing our own Bosch fuel pump kits for many years. Our design has been copied by many but we believe never bettered. With a wealth of experience from our own workshops and working with an approved Bosch distributor we are able to design the best installation for your TR. There have been several changes to Bosch fuel pumps over recent months that have led to some poor supercessions in pump specifications from various suppliers. Working with our Bosch distributor we have ensured our pumps are the correct specification for the intended purpose. Our kits have pumps with the correct flow rates and pressures to ensure your PI system operates with optimum performance. A tap also ensures the system can be isolated if required. A see through filter to help initial installation (which is later replaced with an aluminium sleeve) helps servicing and enables you to visually check for fuel contamination. Our hoses and fittings are also made specifically for our installation by a local manufacturer. Tight quality control and high quality parts ensure you get  great performance from  a RevingtonTR Bosch Fuel pump conversion. Finally, being fitted in the wheelarch ensures unwanted fumes are kept out of the boot.Other kits may look similar but ours is the real thing

Our latest kit is  RTR4050XK  (click on the part number to see more detail).  It really is a must if you are considering a Bosch conversion.

Check out our web site for more details or give us a call on 01823698437 or e mail

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

2011 - Where did it go?

What a year, it has just flown by so quickly. Once again  we have had a busy year at RevingtonTR. Despite the tough economic situation around the world we are pleased to announce there is still a strong TR market out there. We have seen demand grow from area's with a strong currency particularly Australia. Our presence in the market place as TR specialists is spreading to more distant shores and we are seeing our shipments overseas grow. Parcel size to overseas markets has been a problem as many shippers ship on volume rather than weight. We will endeavour to keep shipping costs down during 2012.

RevingtonTR Christmas Opening Times

Get Your Orders In Early
Like most other people RevingtonTR will be taking a chance to catch their breath over the Christmas holiday period. We will be open until lunchtime on the 23rd December. We will then be closed and re open on the 3rd January, recharged and ready to go. During the closed period you can order on line but orders will not be despatched until we return on the 3rd January. If you think you will need something over the Christmas  period please let us know in plenty of time.
Have a great Christmas or if its not your thing just enjoy the holiday.
Thanks for your support during 2011 and we hope to hear from you again soon in 2012. Seasons Greetings from all of the team at RevingtonTR.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Revington TR Gift Tokens

Ideal Gift for the TR Owner in your life

If you are stuck for Christmas gift ideas for your TR owning partner, family member or friend, what could be better than a Gift Token from Revington TR. Or maybe a nudge from you if you own a TR to suggest this is what you would like this Christmas. The tokens are redeemable against any parts from RevingtonTR's extensive list of standard or modified parts. Make your loved ones Christmas special by giving them a RevingtonTR gift token. Available in denominations of £5, £10, £25 and £50.
Click on the link below to purchase yours today.
Click here to go to Gift tokens

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Revington TR / TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship roundup

What a fantastic year we have had, what with the rule changes and some great weather and yet another young champion to celebrate. It was a thrilling closely competed championship, with three potential champions at the last event of the season. As usual the 2011 season was wrapped up with a presentation dinner at Wroxton Hall Hotel near Banbury.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

National Classic Car Show 2011

The Classic Car show at the NEC was a fantastic debut for the Police Car. Now with its refurbishment complete it stood proudly on display with other Special TRs on the TR Register stand. The TR Register had a great display that included a new lighting gantry that threw spotlights on all of the cars, a fantastic addition to show the cars at their best. The Police car had lots of visitors over the weekend, many not knowing that there was a Police variant. With a display board showing some history behind the car and a board at the side of the car detailing Neils efforts in the restoration process, the cars attendance at the show was a great success.

If you have any pictures of the car or stand then please send them to us so we can publish them to the wider world. **

If you would like Revington TR to carry out restoration or service work on your TR or if it is just parts you require either standard or any of RevingtonTR’s performance parts please contact us:

Tel: 01823 698 437 Email:

 **By sending them to you are agreeing to us publishing the photo’s on line for no reward to you or the owner of the photo and that you have the right to allow us to publish them.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Police Car at NEC Classic Car Show

 TR Register welcomes Police car
If you are at the NEC classic car show this weekend why not drop onto the TR Register stand and see the fully restored Police car. Neil Revington has spent several years restoring the TR4 to its former glory. Now on show for the first time since its restoration has been completed it is a fine example of the TR4 in Police guise.

 If you would like to discuss any aspects of the car or would like RevingtonTR to  carry out restoration work, small or large, or service work on your TR, please give us a call  on +0044(0)1823698437.
Alternatively e mail

High Quality Side Repeater Lamps From Revington TR

Recently Remanufactured- Now back on the market


Revington TR together with the TR Register recently re- introduced side repeater assemblies for TR4A, TR5 and TR250. All the lamps have been re-tooled from an original sample. Using laser technology to copy the sample and design the tool the final result is a faithful, high quality reproduction to the highest standard. The body itself is made from a modern aluminium alloy with an excellent chrome finish.

What makes them so good?

  •  The main gasket has the correct raised edge and the correct integral grommet on the back. The shape has been corrected to fit the original body shape. The original gasket shape was not the same as the body!
  • All parts are fully interchangeable with original parts, even down to the bulbs and bulb holders.
  •  The attachment studs are ¼” UNF and have been set at the correct angle.
  •  The flutes in the main body are identical to original samples. There is the correct number and the bull-nosed ends have been faithfully reproduced.
  •  The lamps were test fitted on unused Stanpart wings to verify the fit prior to tooling being laid down.
  •   The lamps are supplied, boxed and well-protected, with the appropriate Part Number and descriptive label.
All 4 versions are available:
(Amber/Amber for US market)


Monday, 31 October 2011

Steering Column Support bracket - 607433 Now in Stock

Re manufactured Brackets now in stock

607433 top 102803 middle 607429 bottom

The left hand drive steering column support bracket is now back in stock. A new batch of brackets has recently been received and they are now available at under part number 607433.
Priced at £27.06 exc vat £32.47 including vat place your order now at
607433 top 102803 middle 607429 bottom

Also available is 607429,the Right hand drive version at the same price.
To complete the kit Revington TR also manufacture the clamp for the steering column 102803. Priced at £8.23 exc vat or £9.87 inc vat this will ensure you have a secure column support installation.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Battle against all odds for Triumph team at Snetterton MG Relay Race

Planning for this event was taken on board by John Davies and initially consisted of 6 cars in the team. However on the day because of personal and car reasons to team members had to drop out and we started the event as a 4 car team. Apart from the cars and drivers there are other people involved including Mike and Jan May of TR3 fame (CHUG) who kindly put us up before and after the race and acted as spotters on the day. Also Alec and Diane Pringle who acted as deputy team manager to John and time keeper.

Alec has written a short report which follows but although the team suffered some mechanical maladies the TR5 soldiered on and as a result even though the team didn't do very well, I had a great time and certainly got my moneys worth, considering the number of laps I ended up doing! As the weather was hot and the stints were long dehydration became an issue and I remember having a splitting headache after my first stint of an hour and fifteen minutes, which quickly went away after drinking a gallon of water.

If we accept this event as a learning curve, we will be back on October 14th 2012 to give a better showing. Put it in your diary now as spectators and helpers are always welcome.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Barbados Rally Carnival 2011 Update - Irish TV coverage now on YouTube

During the Barbados Carnival Rally this year a production team from northern Ireland were covering the event for a TV programme intended for release on Ulster TV. Needless to say only a few of us are likely to see that but fortunately the programme is available to view on YouTube. Have a gander below:

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Revington TR/TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship Update

The weekend of the 6th August I took part in the MIRA Sprint at Nuneaton a round of our Hillclimb and Sprint Championship. Because of work and domestic pressures, this was in fact the first event in our championship I have been able to take part in this year. This is the first season in which Competitors have been competing under our new rule system. This new system is designed to encourage more people who wish to have a go to come join the championship as all class structures have been removed and one competes against a personal bogey time at each event where the bogey time is calculated by the championship organisers, based on information provided by the competitor about their car and their experience/ability. Whilst it's early days, we hope this new format will encourage many new competitors in the coming years.


Comm. No. CT7571O

This white TR4 was supplied new to Southend-on-sea County Borough Constabulary in May 1962. Superintendent Bill Burles allocated the car the task of ‘fast pursuit car’ a task which it performed very well according to officers that either drove the car or were observers at the time. The car was equipped with a Pye Radio, Winkworth bell, air horns, spot lamps, reversing lamp, windscreen mounted hand lamp, front and rear Police signs, rear stop sign and wing mirrors. All of which was fitted in the constabularies own workshops.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Barbados Rally Carnival 2011 Report

by Neil Revington

The Barbados Rally Carnival turned out to be one of the best rallies we have ever done. The stage rally used some very demanding Bajan roads which suited Ford Escorts with good suspension travel but that didn’t stop us having great fun in the TR5. The two part carnival consisting of a sprint at Bushey Park followed by a twelve hour stage rally in the north of the island which proved both demanding and exciting. It was certainly a rally of attrition but we finished 2nd in class behind David & Sarah Rayner in a Sunbeam Tiger.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Original TR parts from RevingtonTR

Are only Original Parts Good Enough for Your TR?

3VC, 6VC and the "Atlas" team support van at our  open day

If they are then you need to call RevingtonTR. We have a wide range of used (second hand) parts available. These parts have been removed from TR's that have been dismantled by our own staff. Not a major part of RevingtonTR parts catalogue but we believe it is an essential requirement for some customers. Used parts are usually listed with "SH" at the end of the number. If you prefer original used parts to modern reproduction, then these are the parts for you.

We also have stock of a small number of original new parts.

If you are interested in fitting original parts to your TR please call RevingtonTR or visit our website at

Revington TR Supply Standard Parts

5% Discount for RevingtonTR NEW WEB CUSTOMERS

RevingtonTR are known around the world as suppliers of quality parts for the TR range. Supplying uprated componants for fast road and racing TR's over many years, many RevingtonTR customers do not always realise that RevingtonTR also supply standard, quality parts. This also applys to new customer that think RevingtonTR specialise only in specialist racing parts. Nothing could be further from the truth. RevingtonTR have supplied standard TR parts along side the specialist uprated parts since the company began. Endevouring to supply quality parts in a timely fashion, at the right price has always been Neil Revingtons ethos. Along with an in depth knowledge of the TR range the freindly team will always try to help find the right part at the right price of the highest quality we can find.

Please give us a try. RevingtonTR hope you will find our service meets your expectations. We know many other satisfied customers have changed to RevingtonTR and now include us as an essential part of keeping their TR on the road.

Click here - Register with RevingtonTR 

Click to go to RevingtonTR Home Page

On The Road or Racing - Be Safe and Secure

Roll over Bars for TR2, TR3,TR4, TR5, TR6 

    Whether it is a simple hoop or a full cage, RevingtonTR are able to supply almost every need for making your TR cockpit a safer environment. RevingtonTR have many different options to meet all requirements from making your daily drive safer to complying with race meeting regulations. A simple hoop, fixed diagonal, removeable diagonal, harness bar and even left and right hand drive derivatives to ensure maximum security and strength above the drivers head. Please visit our site to review RevingtonTR's range of roll over bars. We hold a wide range in stock. Please call or visit our extensive website by clicking on the links below for more details.

RTR9047-3HBL Shown. TR2-3 Left hand drive removeable diagonal with harness bar
Fitted bar showing clearance under the hood

Blog updated 11th Feb 2013

For more information information
phone +44(0)1823698437



Wednesday, 17 August 2011

How to find RevingtonTR

Where are RevingtonTR?

RevingtonTR, the Global TR parts and support specialists, is  located on the Somerset levels just outside the  small village of Middlezoy. Our address is well known but finding us can still be difficult. We are about 15 minutes from Junction 23 on the M5. Our post code, TA7 0PD when plugged into your sat nav, will take you a few hundred yards past our  location towards the village of Middlezoy. 10 Main road, Middlezoy will get you  closer. Seeing is believing so I have added a couple of shots of our location. The banner is a new addition to help identify us and I hope that will make it easier for our many visitors. The parts department at Thorngrove Barns is shown above and the workshop is just across the road in the area of where the photo was taken from. If you are in the area please drop in and visit us. We have many visitors from across the globe and it is always good to put faces to the names we are familiar with but rarely meet. We also have a retail counter in the parts department where our staff will always try to meet your TR needs.  


We do reside in a beautiful part of the country and there is a lot to see and do in the local area. So why not make a day of visiting RevingtonTR and the fantastic Somerset countryside, we are sure you will enjoy it. 

RevingtonTR Ltd
Unit 1 Thorngrove Barns
01827 698437

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

TR7 door interior trim - Green and Black

Green and Black Pattern interior door trim
More original product for TR7 has been found. The TR7 door interior trim panels have now been brought to the surface. We have only found the green and black option but they are original and still in the original packaging.
This panel is available from RevingtonTR under the part number XKC2743RB and XKC2742RB. If you would like to order this part please do so under the above number or by clicking on the link  below.
The cost is £44.61 exc vat £53.53 inc vat. plus shipping

Click here to buy XKC2742RB
Click here to buy XKC2743RB

TR7 Roof Panel - for sunroof

WKC199 - New Roof Panel TR7 Coupe with sunroof aperture.

As part of our endeavour to unearth old stock I've just uncovered original roof body panels for TR7 with the aperture for the sunroof, WKC199. Brand New, original stock are now available from RevingtonTR.
I only have a small number but give me a call if you would like to order one or possibly more. I only have 5 so, when they are gone, there gone.

(Just for clarification this is the metal panel and not the Webasto / Ed Rose opening roof section).

The retail price of this panel is £184.45 exc vat £221.34 inc vat. plus shipping.

Click to buy WKC199

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Revington TR at Harrogate TR International 29th - 31st July

Don't forget to pop by this weekend to the worlds greatest TR show, the TR Register International Weekend at Harrogate. Revington TR will be present showcasing our great range of original, reproduction and improved parts.

The much anticipated TR4 Police Car will also be present, which Neil has carefully restored to original factory condition, all the police equipment is in place with only a few bits of trim to finish it off, a must see for this years weekend. Revington TR will also be selling the Vanguard models of this vehicle a nice addition to any collection.

If you wish to place an order for any parts for collection at the show, please let us know before Thursday.

We look forward to seeing customers old and new, it is always a great opportunity to catch up, we hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Barbados Rally - First Report

Neil at Castle Combe in the same car ,"Targa" TR5
Sprint at Bushey Park went off without drama. All the local lads drove everywhere sideways which was spectacular to watch but proved not to be particularly quick.

Jimmy McRae and Francis Tuthill achieved best times of 1 minute 50 and 1 minute 51, whereas the winning local in a mega tuned silhouette starlet achieved 1 minute 48.

David and I achieved 2.04 and 2.05. But all of this is speculation as in typical Barbados fashion 3 days later we still haven't seen any official results.

We have carried out a recce for the rally next weekend but even that has been a little speculative as we so far haven't seen a road book.

We are definitely on Island time man!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Inertia Switch Kit - Fuel Pump Cut Off

Safety is Paramount - get one today
Revington TR's kit RTR8346K - Inertia switch kit, connectors and fitting instructions is a must for any car fitted with an electric fuel pump. In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident this kit will cut off the power supply to the fuel pump. It is a modern replacement for the original switch. 

As an aside when I used to drive more modern cars with this type of device fitted I also used it as an anti theft device. When leaving the car I would trip the switch with a sharp tap so that the car was immobilised. Reset the switch by pushing the button in before driving off and all was ready to go again, not its intended purpose but it worked for me.

Every car with an electric fuel pump should have RTR8346K fitted. Ensure you do have one and it is working. If you do need to order one please click on the link below
£31.76 exc vat, £38.11 inc vat. (as at 15/7/11)

 Click here for RTR8346K

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Targa TR5 switches gear from Tasmania to 'Barbados Historic Carnival' stage rally

I built my powder blue TR5 specifically to compete in Australia's Targa Tasmania closed road stage rally. For all sorts of reasons the car never competed in this event but has found a second home in the Barbados Historic Carnival closed road stage rally.

The car will be driven by me and navigated by Sue Revington with support from my old friend Ian (Mac) McGillivray. Last year Bernard Northmore who shares a TR with me from time to time on road rallies suggested we took the TR to Barbados to take part in this event. Unfortunately last year wasn't convenient but the "deal" was so good that I made sure I was free to do it this year. Even if Bernard had wanted to navigate he wasn't going to get a look in as Sue decided that she was not going to let me go to Barbados without her and that she would be occupying the navigators seat.

Friday, 8 July 2011


Shown as out of stock by some suppliers

The Left Hand.Front and Right Hand Rear lower link is for TR4A-6 is now in stock at RevingtonTR.  Hidden from the light in our large store for many years these brand new original parts, still in the original boxes, are now available from RevingtonTR.

We have a stock of this item so please call to get your stock order today.

You don't have to make a wish, just place your order.

See 106577EX and 106578EX for TR2-TR4. These are refurbished links. They have been dimensionally
checked and the bores machined and rebushed where necessary.

Blog Updated 20/3/13

Monday, 4 July 2011

TR International Harrogate 29th - 31st July

Gentlemen, and Ladies, start your engines.
Vangaurd Model TR4 Police Car

Its that time of year again. The TR International, which this year is being held at Harrogate, looks likely to be another cracking event. RevingtonTR will be there with the usual suspects in attendance. We will be setting up our display on Friday and we hope to see and re-aquaint ourselves  with many old and new freinds from all over the world. On display at the show will be Neils TR4 Police Car project plus the works rally car,  6VC. Together with our displays and a few parts that we are taking along, we are all looking forward to an exciting weekend.

TR International Malvern 2010

If you would like to collect parts at the show please get your order into us by visiting and letting us know that you want to "collect at the International" in the special instructions box and we will bring the parts with us.

We'll be there, I hope you can make it too.


Thursday, 30 June 2011

RevingtonTR Speedo - SIC, Cables You Can Count On

Original Manufacture Service Interval Counter Cables -UKC4655

We are currently on a mission to bring as much of our original manufacture and old stock to the surface and back to the market place. The latest piece we have uncovered is a service interval counter (SIC) cable UKC4655. This lower part of the speedo cable for TR7  runs from the gearbox to the  SIC and was used on the Federal car using 1 SIC. If I remember correctly this was a heavier cable than usual for speedos and might even had some heat protection for the higher underbody temperatures found on this first catalyst loaded TR. This is original old stock and not a reproduced cable.

UKC4655 SIC Cable  Click on the link to order the part directlly from our web site.

Blog update 11th Feb 2013

for More information

phone +44(0)1823698437



Wednesday, 29 June 2011

"Spider" Window Winder Handles TR4-TR6

Door bar plus Spider handle Equals Open Window

RevingtonTR has been at it again! We have manufactured a window winder in aluminium for the TR4-TR6.
The 3 legged 'Spider' design with 'sporty holes' in each leg replaces the window winder handles on TR4-6 cars as the original winder handles will not fit with the door bars of some roll cages in place.

This spider handle kit is an essential fitment when a roll cage with door bars is fitted to a TR4, 4A, 250, 5 or 6. Invariably the door bars are so close to the window winder handles that the original handles will not fit at all, and if they can, they cannot be operated. The spider handle is operated by turning the wheel until the next  arm  becomes visible above the door bar, so this can be operated, then another and so on so that full operation of the window is available.

The kit includes handle, boss, fixings screws and roll pins for both doors.
Part No. RTR7275K Ex VAT: £68.40 Check out the web site or give us a call.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

New Models in stock - TR4 soft top just in.

TR4 Black Soft top with Red Interior and detachable roof.
- Hornby Vanguard Collectable Range - VA11501 -£16.99 exc vat £20.39 inc vat

Just arrived at Revington TR is the latest edition from the Hornby Vanguards Collectables range. The soft top look alike finished in black with a red interior will be a fantastic addition to your collection. It is the latest edition to the range of TR's  and other Triumph models now stocked by RevingtonTR. This latest model of the TR4 even has a detachable roof!!
Visit our web site for more details. Enter the code VA11501 in the search box and check out our full range while you are there. Like the real thing, this TR is not suitable for small children.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Track Rods TR7- Original manufactured Parts

GSV1302 Track Rod -TR7
The arm between the rack and the track rod end if you are unclear, as it has many descriptions. We have recently uncovered a lost hoard of GSV1302, TR7 Track rods. They are all still in their Unipart bags, numbered and in excellent condition. If you need a single unit or you are a trader and need to buy in bulk, please give Alan Goodwin a call at Revington TR. Retail price is £16.47  plus vat.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Revington show support for steering columns

Steering column support RHD 607429

RevingtonTR have recently re-manufactured the steering column support bracket 607429. This is the RHD version. Finished to a great standard there is no longer a need to use rusty second hand parts. Available from stock, click on the link below for more details and to order on line.
RHD Steering column support bracket

RevingtonTR reintroduces “unavailable parts” to the Triumph TR Market.

Revington TR has been busy over the last few months remanufacturing parts that have not been available for some time.

Handbrake Rod and Knob TR4A-6, Spitfire, Herald, Vitesse, GT6
This part is for those of you that give blood every time you apply your handbrake. This happens when the rod protrudes through the knob and pierces your thumb in the worst case but in any case is a painful experience… Revington TR have had the rod and knob modified and remanufactured. A washer welded on the rod keeps the knob in place and prevents it from moving down the rod. These reintroduced parts under the numbers 148082, 141688, 132588 and 134001 are available now from Revington TR. These parts are also suitable for Spitfire, Herald, Vitesse and GT6.
Click here to link to handbrake rods

Front Sidelights for TR4A, TR5 and TR250
We have had rave reviews for the quality and finish of this part. The front sidelights for TR4A, TR5 and TR250 were recently re introduced and have been supplied to many satisfied customers. The attention to detail and a chrome finish that will take some beating is under the part number 214491 and 214492 for TR4A-5 and 214593 and 214592 for TR250. These parts are available now from RevingtonTR, while stock lasts!
Click here to link to Sidelights

Surrey Frame
"806603 and 706240 have arrived!!!"
Item 3, 806603 is the Surrey frame. There have been reproduction parts of this number available previously of less than ideal shape. The Revington TR frame has been manufactured for Revington TR and tried and tested on original bodies and found to be an excellent fit. Associated with this frame is the rear bar 706240. This has also been manufactured by Revington TR and found to be a fantastic fit. Both parts are in stock and available from Revington TR.
Click here to link to Surrey frames
Full Range of Steering Racks
These have been available for a few months. Revington TR had a full range of steering racks remanufactured. The steering arm length has been faithfully reproduced for each rack so that the overall dimensions are as close as possible to the original. Under the numbers 305648, 305647 for TR4 early, 305930, 305929 TR4 late, 306829, 306830 for TR4A-TR6 and for TR7 BAU5274 and BAU5275. Stock of some of these numbers is already running low so get your rack from Revington TR.
                                                        Click here to link to New steering racks

Original stock items

We are now uncovering original stock items that we have been holding for some time. These items have not seen the light of day for many years. Recently uncovered items are an eccentric steering lock stop that gives variable clearance of 16 to 20 mm. These items are usually essential when fitting wider wheels/tyre combinations. Fitting them stops the wheel/tyre fouling the suspension components. Under the number 101407 for the eccentric one or if you need a fixed clearance of 22mm see part number 156111-22. Both of these items are available from RevingtonTR today.
Clink here to link to Lock stops

Keep watching the blog for more “recently uncovered and newly released” parts.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Clear Skies for Revington TR's Open Day 2011

Well, the Sun god smiles on Revington TR’s open day once again. Wall to wall sunshine marked the beginnings of a recipe for a great day and is what we have come to expect. Add to this two, yes two, car park’s full of TR’s; a Bristol, a couple of MG’s and a bunch of TR enthusiasts. Add some tea, coffee, biscuits and a free prize draw. Leave it all to bake in the sunshine for a few hours. Finally, smell the delicious aroma of classic TR’s, admire the finish and dedication put into all of the cars & enjoy the atmosphere among fellow enthusiasts. A successful outcome and a great time was had had by all.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Rally Costa Brava Historic 2011

31st March – 3rd April

This historic regularity rally, open to cars built before 1985, as the name suggests is run in the mountains behind the Costa Brava. The rally is centred at the sea-side town of Lloret de Mar and consists of approximate 900km, 400 of which are competitive. The first stint began up in the mountains on Thursday night through to the early hours of Friday morning. There were further stages on Friday morning followed by a test at Sils Go-Kart circuit, where it was necessary to attempt to drive the circuit at a constant 50kph. However as go-kart circuits are generally very tight, this was all but impossible and the test became a flat-out thrash.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Revington TR Open Day Saturday 9th April 2011

  • Special guest representatives from Penrite & Caged
  • RevingtonTR staff available for advice
  • Suspension presentation by Neil Revington*
  • Browse our stores for second hand bargains
  • Neil’s rally car collection display
  • Win prizes at our RevingtonTR Open Day raffle
  • Great trip out for the whole family, Taunton & Clarks Village - Street, nearby!