Thursday, 25 September 2014

Electrical Connectors - "Bullets"- Now Available from RevingtonTR

Regular readers of the RevingtonTR blog know we are innovators of new parts and product enhancements for the TR range of vehicles. But on this occasion we have taken on a very normal but essential part and made sure good quality parts are readily available to both  trade and retail markets.
The table below shows the electrical connectors or "Bullets" we now have available in small numbers for retail or bags of 1000 for trade sales. By clicking on the part number in the table it will take you straight to our web site where you can see a photo of the part and retail prices.
Our Part number
1.16mm diameter conductor hole for 14/.025mm or 9/.03mm  (0.65 mm²) wire. With rear crimp
1.16mm diameter conductor hole for 14/.025mm or 9/.03mm  (0.65 mm²) wire. Without rear crimp
1.43mm diameter conductor hole for 14/.03mm  (1.0mm²) wire. With rear crimp
1.43mm diameter conductor hole for 14/.03mm  (1.0mm²) wire. Without rear crimp
1.91mm diameter conductor hole for 28/.03mm  (2.0 mm²) wire. Without rear crimp
2.5mm diameter conductor hole for 44/.03mm wire. Without rear crimp
Bell shaped push through type.
Solder type. Not being done at the moment but included for completeness.

I have also included a link to an earlier blog for an electrical connector 150640 which might also be of interest. This connector has many applications so take a look by clicking on the link below.

                   3D "X-Ray" Of  The Connector

Triumph part number 150640

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Monday, 22 September 2014

RevingtonTR's Latest Aluminium Fuel Tank

To see full details on the very latest aluminium fuel tank from RevingtonTR please click on the link below. Full details of increased capacity, strengthened anti vibration mountings, swirl pot and the cure to the long left hand bend loss of power. This tank has it all.

Click below for a full breakdown of details, price and availability.

Click here for full details.

If you need even more details

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Classic Le Mans 2014-Video Link

It had it all - The throaty roars of a GT40's, the race to the cars for the standing start, rain, driving at night with the constant roar and a blaze of headlights flashing by.

This years Classic had it all and then some. To see all of the excitement from the pit wall, from the stand and from the driving seat click on the links below and feel the excitement of this years event.

Link to video's on Facebook

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Autumn 2014 Flyer

To view the latest news and information from RevingtonTR  click on the links below. The flyer contains links to our latest parts and offers.

Autumn Flyer

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