Monday, 22 July 2013

TR International show 2013

The TR International is drawing nearer so we are now starting to get a selection of our specialist lines together to bring to the show. As has been the way of recent shows we will not be bringing a lot of stock so if there is something you would like bringing to the show please let us know.
We will definitely be bringing Evans Classic cool 180 and the Preparation fluid. If you are still not convinced about the product click on the attached video and see how it works in practice.
We look forward to seeing at the TR International.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New Project Nearing Completion -

    And it's looking good!
Neil Revingtons Latest Project -
It will be used in the Revington TR & TR Register Hillclimb and Sprint Championship
Neil Revingtons latest project is now well on its way to completion. With a great spray job in black and little silver styling panels it really is looking good. It's a super looking car with a few suprises under the bonnet that I'm sure will be of interest to most of our TR friends.
It will be making its show debut at the TR International, Malvern in August 2013. If you can make the show come along and see the  (hopefully) completed vehicle.
It will also be out on the championship circuit at the tail end of this year (2013). It will be interesting to see how these "little surprises" work out on the track, watch this space!

 Once it is completed we will let you have the full story and photos of this great little car. See it at Malvern or wait for our blog update in the near future.
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