Friday 28 March 2014

New Panels for Triumph TR4-5. 850428 and 850429

RevingtonTR now have accesss to the rear lamp housing-left and right hand for TR4-5. These panels have only recently become available ( March 2014). They include the housing and the panel it is fixed to as per the original design. For more information and pricing please contact RevingtonTR on any of the numbers below.
Tel +44(0)1823 698437
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Ultrasonic Cleaning at RevingtonTR

For More information on Ultrasonic cleaning at RevingtonTR
please call or send an e mail to the contact details below.
Tel +44(0)1823698437
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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Le Mans Classic –“Team Triumph”- Teams up with RevingtonTR

The Triumph TR range has been carried on the wave of its racing heritage for many years and this year is no different.   Le Mans Classic 2014 will probably see six Triumphs on three grids. “Team Triumph” comprising of Neil Fenders TR2, Paul Hogan’s TR3S and Paul Gerrings TRS, will be racing on grids 2, 3 and 4 in this year’s event and will be joined by three more independent Triumph entries. We believe this is the most Triumphs in this Classic series of races since the heyday of the Triumph works teams. “Team Triumphs” three cars will be starting on 3 different grids as the races are based on the age of the car. The TR2, on its first visit to Le Mans, will be driven by Neil Fender and Guy Broad and will start on grid 2. The TR3S, also on its first visit to Le Mans, will be driven by John Sykes and Barry Sidery-Smith and starts on grid 3. The TRS is on its 3rd visit and knows its way around the track. (For more information on this car click here TRS at Le Mans).The TRS will be driven by Neil Revington and Richard Bull and will start on grid 4. “Team Triumphs” entry has been sponsored by Penrite Oil suppliers of oil for classic cars. We believe this is the first time a 3 car team has had entries on 3 different grids.

Now the exciting part for those not in the fortunate position of being able to go to France and seeing the cars race in the Le Mans Classic. Thanks to the support of the car owners and Penrite Oil you will now be able to see all three cars together at RevingtonTR’s open day on the Saturday 5th April. This will be the first opportunity to see “Team Triumph” assembled in one place. The three cars will make a great photo opportunity for any TR enthusiast. So make sure you can visit RevingtonTR’s open day and be sure to bring you camera.

Note: - The owners of “Team Triumph” will be making every effort to be ready for our open day but will also be in a race against time to get ready for Le Mans. We cannot guarantee they will all make our open day as promised but we know they will do their best to attend.

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Wednesday 12 March 2014

6 Cylinder engine - 3D Animation of a working engine

Triumph 6 cylinder Engine Animation - This is an absolutely stunning piece of work from Williams Illustration, (they can be found at ).
Please spend a few minutes by clicking on the link to youtube and watch an animation of the engine being assembled and then running. This really is a great piece of work. Watch it right up to the end as is keeps getting better! If you need a good animator you now know where to find one.
Click on the link below to see the video. 
If you need anything for your TR please call
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