Friday, 10 December 2010

Don't be Scared by the Winter, Embrace it!

Here at Revington TR we believe TRs should be used all year round but most owners are discouraged with the slightest hint of inclement weather. Worrying that bodywork will be damaged from the wet or heater systems can't cope with the cold, or simply not being able to see where you’re going.

Thankfully Revington TR are here to help with upgrades such as underwing shields and wax oiling protecting your bodywork. High performance heater systems keeping you warm in the winter months and in combination with Upgraded wiper systems keeping your view of the road clear.

So why not treat your car to an upgrade and enjoy TR Motoring all year round!
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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Ambi’ling through India

India, a stunning country with traffic conditions being just as stunning! Neil & Sue Revington tell the story of their trip through the back roads of Kerala in a Hindustan Ambassador on Classic Journeys India Road Rally.

Wow, what a driving experience! Driving in India is something that very few English people have done and the experience can be both terrifying and exciting at the same time. However in an Ambassador, affectionately known as an Ambi, we certainly had the right tool for the job. He comfortably got us across 1,300 miles of rough Indian back roads during this wonderful and eventful rally.
The event is organised by Steve McCullagh of and after having read an article about the event in Octane Magazine, I thought I would contact Steve to learn more about the rally. I was astonished to find that he lives 100m from where we hold our monthly local TR Meeting so Steve and I agreed it would be a good idea if he gave a talk to the TR Club. This happened in January this year and as a consequence of this not only did we sign up, but our friends Mike and Jacky Tidball decided to come along and take part as well.

Friday, 5 November 2010

[DVD] Traditional Triumph TR Now in Stock! £20

The Complete Story of the Triumph TR Marque from TR2-6. Including archive footage & Interviews with their creators.
In previous Newsletters we have advertised John Clancy's excellent collection of Triumph DVD's. The latest of which and most relevant to us and our customers is Traditional Triumph TR.  This Double DVD is now in Stock! John has excelled himself with this exceptional history of our much beloved marques and we at Revington TR think it’s his best DVD yet....not that we’re biased!

Traditional Triumph TR Trailer
Traditional Triumph TR is a Double DVD packed with extra features. The 1st disc contains the main feature detailing the history of the Triumph TR marques including interviews with the engineers who developed the cars, Triumph historians and TR Specialists. Our story begins with the pre-war sporting cars produced by the original Triumph factory and follows the saga through from the conception of the first TR to the last of the line TR6. A wealth of archive film and images is included throughout along with extensive new material, including the works race and rally cars as they appear today.

The Bonus Disc contains:

'THE TR REGISTER INTERNATIONAL WEEKEND 2010' with an outstanding gathering of ex-works cars from the earliest TR2's to the last of the line TR7V8's. (40mins approx.)

'A DAY AT REVINGTON TR' where we get a close-up look at Revington's marvellous TRS, take a ride in an ex-works TR4 and learn about some of the modification and reliability improvements RevingtonTR have made available to Triumph owners. (20mins approx.)

'MORE MEN BEHIND THE MOTORS' featuring an extended interview with Standard Triumph engine development maestro, Dennis Barbet. (10mins approx.)

'TRIUMPH MARQUE DAY 2010' - better than actually being there at this amazing day in May 2010. See all the Triumphs tackle the famous Prescott Hill Climb and enjoy the wonderful cavalcade of all models from the Standard Triumph marque. (20mins approx.)

In total the Double DVD amounts to 3 hours of Triumph TR Action!
This DVD as well as all the other Triumph DVD’s John has produced are available online to buy at, the perfect gift for Christmas!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Mamhead, Loton Park & Goodwood Hillclimb and Sprint Summer Roundup 2010

This year I have had more chance to compete in the Revington TR and TR Register, Sprint and Hillclimb Championship then in previous years and already I have managed to compete in 3 events. This is more then I have been able to do, by this time in the year, for quite a while. I have been taking part in my powder blue TR5 but as you will read later 6VC got pressed into action as well…

Friday, 27 August 2010

History of the Triumph Sports Cars DVD's

J. Clancy Productions has released this fantastic collection of Triumph DVD's available to purchase individually from Revington TR Ltd. These excellently produced DVDs chart the history of each vehicle from conception to production and it's continual development throughout its life. This includes a look into the prototypes which eventually inspired or became the production models and also a look at the prototypes which never made it on to the production line. With interviews from their designers, explaining how and why the cars where designed the way they were. Each DVD contains extensive archive footage and Images, for this alone, John Clancy should be praised. With Nigel Thom providing a detailed and concise narration and with the interviews revealing the inner workings and secrets of Standard Triumph and British Leyland, these DVD's really are a Triumph lover’s dream!

[DVD] Story of the Triumph TR Marque - Traditional Triumph (PRE ORDER)


Traditional Triumph TR

The seperate chassis TR was to run from 1953 until 1976 - a period which
saw turmoil within the British motor industry. But through it all the
TR survived and brought the Triumph name acclaim and recognition
throughout the world. From the moment the TR2 was unvieled the company
would forever be associated with sports cars; a reputation that
continues to the present day.

[DVD] Story of the Triumph Stag - Code Name Stag


Triumph Stag: The Legendary 2+2 Sporting Grand Tourer

The Stag was a new concept for a mass produced British car; this was a grand tourer to compete with brands such as Alfa Romeo and Mercedes boasting an all new V8 engine, styling by Giovanni Michelotti and a marketing campaign aimed squarely at the young executive. Yet despite all this, the car was a financial failure for British Leyland with less than 26,000 cars built during its seven year production run.

However, soon after the cessation of production in 1977 and despite all the problems, the Stag quickly attained classic status. As a result a high percentage of these cars have survived and are still providing enjoyment to thousands of Triumph enthusiasts all over the world.

This film charts the history of the car from its origins right up to the present day featuring archive footage and images, input from former Triumph engineers, Triumph historians and Stag enthusiasts along with new footage of the surviving prototypes, press cars and other imprtant Stags shot exclusively for this release. Purchase Code Name: Stag, Michelotti's Masterpiece from Revington TR today.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

[DVD] Story of the Triumph Spitfire & GT6 - Code Name Bomb


Code Name: Bomb

Well over 300,000 Spitfires were sold during the 18 years the model was in production. This combined with over 40,000 of its close relative, the GT6, made the model a resounding success for the Standard Triumph factory.

Tracing the history of the car from its Triumph Herald origins, the styling by Michelotti, the Works rally and Le Mans race car efforts, all the way to the last of the line Spitfire 1500, ths film is packed with archive material, interviews with former Triumph personnel, historians and enthusiasts, plus a wealth of new footage shot exclusively for this release including the Works race and rally cars as they appear today. Order this DVD From Revington TR today!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

[DVD] Story of the Triumph TR7 & 8 - Code Name Bullet


TR7: The Iconic Retro Wedge of the 70's

The biggest selling of all the Triumph TR sports cars and the last of the line


The car did not have an easy life. It was conceived and engineered at a time when the British motor industry was in turmoil; build quality was poor; it didn't have the performance to match its looks and many commentators could not understand its futuristic styling. Ultimately the surviving cars have proved the critics wrong and become sought after, eye catching, classic sports cars. Buy this DVD Now from Revington TR

Thursday, 12 August 2010

French Revolution Rally 2010

7th – 11th June
I have taken part in the French Revolution Rally a few times in the past with friends and last time with Marcus, my son. This year Sue, my wife and I entered in our Works Rally TR4.
The nature of the event, for those not familiar, is of a road regularity rally. Some regularity rally’s can be a little tedious, with long stretches of straight roads having to be run at 50kph. This is not the case with the French Revolution, which is by comparison, fast and furious.

Friday, 30 July 2010

TR4A, 250, 5, BRAND NEW Sidelamp/Flasher Repeater Lamps

As Good As, If Not Better Than The Original

Revington TR and the TR Register’s Spares Development Fund (SDF) are pleased to announce the re-introduction of these lamps, which were first displayed in the arena and then on the Revington TR stand at the International Weekend at Malvern 2010.

The aim of the project has been to recreate the lamps as near as practically possible to the original product. We are pleased to say that this goal has not only been achieved but we believe exceeded. In an effort to ensure the quality of the product would be up to scratch, we started by commissioning the main body, as we knew this would potentially be a showstopper. After protracted development, the first and then the second prospective manufacturers were sacked! The third insisted on a 3D model and the production of plastic prototypes to prove the drawing, before launching tooling. The tooling was signed-off early in 2010 after very careful scrutiny to ensure the metal thickness was correct and general form matched the samples. As a result, the final die-casting is virtually indistinguishable from the original part - apart from a lack of pitting!

Typical features which have been carefully reproduced are: the bull nose ends to the flutes and the curvature of the body where it sits against the wing. This has been checked against original parts on new, unused, Stanpart wings.

All gaskets bulb holders and lenses are to original shape and form, thus ensuring that all new parts are interchangeable with original parts, even down to the type of bulbs used. The photograph shows the first pair off the tools. Note that, as shown here, the amber lens does not have its lettering, but this has been added on production parts. All the parts have original markings - this is permitted as we have authority, for a fee, from the holder of the Lucas trademark.

214492RH Lamp with Clear Side Light LensOrder
214491LH Lamp with Clear Side Light LensOrder
214592RH Lamp with Amber Side Light LensOrder
214593LH Lamp with Amber Side Light LensOrder
214492RH Lamp with Clear Side Light LensOrder
214491LH Lamp with Clear Side Light LensOrder

For more information click on the above link or call +44(0)1823698437 or e-mail

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