Thursday 30 June 2011

RevingtonTR Speedo - SIC, Cables You Can Count On

Original Manufacture Service Interval Counter Cables -UKC4655

We are currently on a mission to bring as much of our original manufacture and old stock to the surface and back to the market place. The latest piece we have uncovered is a service interval counter (SIC) cable UKC4655. This lower part of the speedo cable for TR7  runs from the gearbox to the  SIC and was used on the Federal car using 1 SIC. If I remember correctly this was a heavier cable than usual for speedos and might even had some heat protection for the higher underbody temperatures found on this first catalyst loaded TR. This is original old stock and not a reproduced cable.

UKC4655 SIC Cable  Click on the link to order the part directlly from our web site.

Blog update 11th Feb 2013

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Wednesday 29 June 2011

"Spider" Window Winder Handles TR4-TR6

Door bar plus Spider handle Equals Open Window

RevingtonTR has been at it again! We have manufactured a window winder in aluminium for the TR4-TR6.
The 3 legged 'Spider' design with 'sporty holes' in each leg replaces the window winder handles on TR4-6 cars as the original winder handles will not fit with the door bars of some roll cages in place.

This spider handle kit is an essential fitment when a roll cage with door bars is fitted to a TR4, 4A, 250, 5 or 6. Invariably the door bars are so close to the window winder handles that the original handles will not fit at all, and if they can, they cannot be operated. The spider handle is operated by turning the wheel until the next  arm  becomes visible above the door bar, so this can be operated, then another and so on so that full operation of the window is available.

The kit includes handle, boss, fixings screws and roll pins for both doors.
Part No. RTR7275K Ex VAT: £68.40 Check out the web site or give us a call.

Thursday 23 June 2011

New Models in stock - TR4 soft top just in.

TR4 Black Soft top with Red Interior and detachable roof.
- Hornby Vanguard Collectable Range - VA11501 -£16.99 exc vat £20.39 inc vat

Just arrived at Revington TR is the latest edition from the Hornby Vanguards Collectables range. The soft top look alike finished in black with a red interior will be a fantastic addition to your collection. It is the latest edition to the range of TR's  and other Triumph models now stocked by RevingtonTR. This latest model of the TR4 even has a detachable roof!!
Visit our web site for more details. Enter the code VA11501 in the search box and check out our full range while you are there. Like the real thing, this TR is not suitable for small children.

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Track Rods TR7- Original manufactured Parts

GSV1302 Track Rod -TR7
The arm between the rack and the track rod end if you are unclear, as it has many descriptions. We have recently uncovered a lost hoard of GSV1302, TR7 Track rods. They are all still in their Unipart bags, numbered and in excellent condition. If you need a single unit or you are a trader and need to buy in bulk, please give Alan Goodwin a call at Revington TR. Retail price is £16.47  plus vat.

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Revington show support for steering columns

Steering column support RHD 607429

RevingtonTR have recently re-manufactured the steering column support bracket 607429. This is the RHD version. Finished to a great standard there is no longer a need to use rusty second hand parts. Available from stock, click on the link below for more details and to order on line.
RHD Steering column support bracket

RevingtonTR reintroduces “unavailable parts” to the Triumph TR Market.

Revington TR has been busy over the last few months remanufacturing parts that have not been available for some time.

Handbrake Rod and Knob TR4A-6, Spitfire, Herald, Vitesse, GT6
This part is for those of you that give blood every time you apply your handbrake. This happens when the rod protrudes through the knob and pierces your thumb in the worst case but in any case is a painful experience… Revington TR have had the rod and knob modified and remanufactured. A washer welded on the rod keeps the knob in place and prevents it from moving down the rod. These reintroduced parts under the numbers 148082, 141688, 132588 and 134001 are available now from Revington TR. These parts are also suitable for Spitfire, Herald, Vitesse and GT6.
Click here to link to handbrake rods

Front Sidelights for TR4A, TR5 and TR250
We have had rave reviews for the quality and finish of this part. The front sidelights for TR4A, TR5 and TR250 were recently re introduced and have been supplied to many satisfied customers. The attention to detail and a chrome finish that will take some beating is under the part number 214491 and 214492 for TR4A-5 and 214593 and 214592 for TR250. These parts are available now from RevingtonTR, while stock lasts!
Click here to link to Sidelights

Surrey Frame
"806603 and 706240 have arrived!!!"
Item 3, 806603 is the Surrey frame. There have been reproduction parts of this number available previously of less than ideal shape. The Revington TR frame has been manufactured for Revington TR and tried and tested on original bodies and found to be an excellent fit. Associated with this frame is the rear bar 706240. This has also been manufactured by Revington TR and found to be a fantastic fit. Both parts are in stock and available from Revington TR.
Click here to link to Surrey frames
Full Range of Steering Racks
These have been available for a few months. Revington TR had a full range of steering racks remanufactured. The steering arm length has been faithfully reproduced for each rack so that the overall dimensions are as close as possible to the original. Under the numbers 305648, 305647 for TR4 early, 305930, 305929 TR4 late, 306829, 306830 for TR4A-TR6 and for TR7 BAU5274 and BAU5275. Stock of some of these numbers is already running low so get your rack from Revington TR.
                                                        Click here to link to New steering racks

Original stock items

We are now uncovering original stock items that we have been holding for some time. These items have not seen the light of day for many years. Recently uncovered items are an eccentric steering lock stop that gives variable clearance of 16 to 20 mm. These items are usually essential when fitting wider wheels/tyre combinations. Fitting them stops the wheel/tyre fouling the suspension components. Under the number 101407 for the eccentric one or if you need a fixed clearance of 22mm see part number 156111-22. Both of these items are available from RevingtonTR today.
Clink here to link to Lock stops

Keep watching the blog for more “recently uncovered and newly released” parts.