Thursday 30 June 2011

RevingtonTR Speedo - SIC, Cables You Can Count On

Original Manufacture Service Interval Counter Cables -UKC4655

We are currently on a mission to bring as much of our original manufacture and old stock to the surface and back to the market place. The latest piece we have uncovered is a service interval counter (SIC) cable UKC4655. This lower part of the speedo cable for TR7  runs from the gearbox to the  SIC and was used on the Federal car using 1 SIC. If I remember correctly this was a heavier cable than usual for speedos and might even had some heat protection for the higher underbody temperatures found on this first catalyst loaded TR. This is original old stock and not a reproduced cable.

UKC4655 SIC Cable  Click on the link to order the part directlly from our web site.

Blog update 11th Feb 2013

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  1. Which means that the service interval counter (SIC) cable UKC4655 is an OEM material. It happens when stocks are no longer manufactured.


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