Thursday 22 September 2011

Revington TR/TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship Update

The weekend of the 6th August I took part in the MIRA Sprint at Nuneaton a round of our Hillclimb and Sprint Championship. Because of work and domestic pressures, this was in fact the first event in our championship I have been able to take part in this year. This is the first season in which Competitors have been competing under our new rule system. This new system is designed to encourage more people who wish to have a go to come join the championship as all class structures have been removed and one competes against a personal bogey time at each event where the bogey time is calculated by the championship organisers, based on information provided by the competitor about their car and their experience/ability. Whilst it's early days, we hope this new format will encourage many new competitors in the coming years.


Comm. No. CT7571O

This white TR4 was supplied new to Southend-on-sea County Borough Constabulary in May 1962. Superintendent Bill Burles allocated the car the task of ‘fast pursuit car’ a task which it performed very well according to officers that either drove the car or were observers at the time. The car was equipped with a Pye Radio, Winkworth bell, air horns, spot lamps, reversing lamp, windscreen mounted hand lamp, front and rear Police signs, rear stop sign and wing mirrors. All of which was fitted in the constabularies own workshops.