Wednesday, 28 November 2012

TR7 Panels - Update

Pictures of the panels now available

We now have pictures of the panels we blogged about yesterday. These are original not reproduction or repair panels. They are available for retail and trade sale so please call to get a competative price for these original TR7/8 parts. Available to ship worldwide. Click on the title of the photo you require to link to the part and order easily on line. Parts available for immediate shipment.

YKC2410 Panel Fender LH TR7 Front Wing

YKC2411 Panel Fender RH TR7 Front Wing

XKC 148 Closing Panel LH TR7

XKC149 Closing Panel RH TR7

YKX1551 Closing Panel LH TR7
 More orginal TR7 panels and trim parts will be identified in the coming days.

Call Alan at RevingtonTR on +44(0)1823698437 or e mail, its as easy as that!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Triumph TR7 Panels - Breaking News

Original Panels Re-Discovered

TR7 Home Page
Revington TR have just found in their extensive stock a number of original British Leyland TR7 panels. Found in a corner of their large storage area, these panels are now available for sale. There will be updates and photo's available shortly as we learn more about them and so you can more easily identify the panels for yourself. These are new (not remanufactured) panels. If you cannot wait for more information and know what you want the panels can be bought from the RevingtonTR web site at by entering the following number into  the search box on the home page or clicking on the link.

YKC2410 Panel Fender LH TR7 Front wing

YKC2411 Panel Fender RH TR7 Front wing

XKC148 Closing Panel LH

XKC149 Closing Panel RH

YKC1551 Closing Panel LH

Keep an eye on RevingtonTR on Facebook or our Revington Blog for more information in the next few days.