Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Thinking of going Racing this Year?

Or just want to be more competitive?
The first year can be difficult. Having to learn the ropes, the in's and out's, the twist and turns and that's before you get on to the track. Taking that first step to driving with your number on the door can be a little daunting. We know there are lots of people driving TR's and other Triumph's (thats all Triumphs not just TR's), that are looking for a little more excitement from driving their car and would like to take part in a competitive environment. The  "RevingtonTR Sprint and TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship" is just the thing for you. The event is run at several locations around the country to ensure everyone has a chance to drive locally. All events take place at well known venues, all offering a challenge and each event always has the toughest person to beat taking part, you! Will you be able to beat your own previous best time?

If you are keen to take part or just learn more about the championship please give Neil a call or drop him a line at  We will be able to offer useful advice for the beginner as well as offer advice on the kit and parts needed to enter your first competitive event. It's fun to watch but much more fun to take part. And of course there is the awards dinner where the winners collect  their trophies. Give us a call, what have you got to lose.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


RevingtonTR's Heater Control Valve-Suitable for more than just TR's
Cabin operated Heater Water Valve Kit, includes all Fittings and Instructions. These kits enable accurate control of heater water flow from within the cabin via a precision inline valve.

TR2-3Bs don't have a valve that is accessible from the cabin at all, all that is available is a crude tap located in the engine bay. This kit introduces an inline valve allowing control of the heater from within the cabin using the cable and knob included in the kit. When this heater valve kit is fitted the heater tap on the engine block will no longer be needed and can be replaced with feed pipe kit RTR1491K. 

In-line valve and knob
This clever inline valve (inline meaning it sits in the water hose) has an internal water flow regulating tumbler with a cleverly designed aperture shape. This means that increase in water flow is proportional to lever movement, providing sensitive control of heater water flow with a very smooth, friction free operation.

RTR1486-1K TR2-3 with Clayton Heater conversion fitted

 There are 3 kits available, the first suits TR2-3B with our Clayton Heater fitted, the second fits TR4-6 with a standard heater fitted and the third kit fits TR2-3B with the standard heater fitted. The third kit is also a universal kit, allowing it to be fitted to any car requiring a valve as it includes: valve, adaptor hoses to suit 13, 16 and 19mm pipe work, clips and fitting as well as a 1m long operating cable.
RTR1486-2K TR4-6 Standard Heater

RTR1486-3K TR2-3 Standard Heater
For more information on the heater control valve please click on the link below.

For information on heater conversion kits please click on the link below.

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Monday, 28 January 2013

Fuel Pump Problem Resolved on TR PI

RevingtonTR's Solution to Lucas Pump Problems 

Revington TR developed this high pressure pump kit based on a Bosch pump and pressurised filter. Including an on/off tap connected between the petrol tank and the first feed hose.

Externally mounted, (although the photo shows the same kit internally mounted) this kit replaces the Lucas fuel pump and filter system with a neat arrangement consisting of a Bosch high pressure pump, non return valve, gauze filter, pressurized filter, 3 stainless steel braided hoses with aluminium aircraft quality fittings, clamps and rubber mountings. At the time of writing we have not heard of this system failing due to hot weather over heating. Now considered to be the Industry standard, Revington TR developed this kit after a series of unsatisfactory results with other Bosch conversions. This system was designed in conjunction with local Bosch experts and takes into account all the requirements of the Bosch pump, i.e. its position, feed rate, position in the fuel system and filtration needs. A more detailed information sheet IS0006. is available please see below.

The unit is mounted externally to limit the petrol vapour smells in the boot, always a problem with stainless braided rubber hoses. An on/off tap connected between the petrol tank and the first feed hose is included. As the filters require cleaning in the case of the glass filter and replacing, in the case of the high-pressure filter, this tap makes the job easier and less messy. It is not recommended to use this tap as an anti-theft device as running the pump inadvertently with the tap closed can damage the pump.

NOTE 1: This kit must have a good electrical supply capable of passing 13 amps. The original car wiring is not adequate, as the Lucas pump only requires 3.5 amps. We can supply a relay kit part number RTR4017K. See below.

NOTE 2: TR5 and early TR6 cars did not have an anti-surge reservoir in the petrol tank. Cars fitted with this type of tank will experience fuel starvation on tight left hand corners with less than a quarter of a tank of fuel. Our replacement tank fitted with the correct anti surge reservoir, part number 312359AL or 312359XALK should be fitted to remove this annoying symptom. See Fuel Tank Section.

NOTE 3: Fitting RTR4050XK should take about three hours.

NOTE 4: When fitting kit RTR4050XK outside the bodywork, shield RTR7259 may be useful.

NOTE 5: Also consider hose RTR4048 to the PRV which helps to reduce resonance. Resonance is when the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) fluctuates at a resonant frequency with the pulses generated by the fuel pump and an unpleasant droning noise is produced. This phenomenon is unlikely to occur with the original Lucas pump but is very likely when a Bosch pump is fitted. A longer soft hose RTR4048 from the pump to the PRV usually cures this (a stainless Steel braded hose will make it worse) but brings with it another bit of bad news. As modern fuels are much more volatile than older fuels they can permeate through rubber hose and create an unpleasant smell in the boot. If this is unacceptable there is a definitive solution to all this. We have a modern PRV available RTR4456K which works on a different principle to the original type and does not resonate. The good news is that a Teflon lined Stainless Steel braided hose 215642SS can be used from the pump to the PRV which will greatly reduce petrol smells in the boot.

Click here to view and buy RTR4050XK

Click here for link to data sheet

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Friday, 25 January 2013

One of RevingtonTR's Most Popular Upgrades

Coil Over Damper Rear Suspension Conversion

This is Revington TR’s TR4AIRS-6 Rear damper conversion incorporating externally adjustable dampers and SuperPro polyurethane upper and lower bushes. These kits are best suited to owners who intend to use their cars for fast road, track day and/or competition use, a must for all of these applications. Or you may just want to improve your ride quality of your road going tourer. If you are considering any of the above, read on!

Our TR4AIRS-6 Rear damper conversion kit puts the  Telescopic Adjustable dampers inside the rear springs, where Triumph should have put them! The kit comprises 2 adjustable dampers with Superpro Polyurethane upper and lower joints and all the necessary brackets and fittings.

RTR3003 SPK Coil over Damper Conversion

The RevingtonTR damper inside coil rear suspension set-up gives better spring control than the original arrangement resulting in greatly improved road holding. The dampers are adjustable to suit your own preferences and have a longer useful life. When fitted correctly the bump and rebound travel is the same as standard.

With the Dampers fitted inside the rear springs, ground clearance and wheel clearance is maintained ensuring no interference with the tyres under compression. This is the definitive kit - not to be confused with inferior set up's with brackets off the chassis or the inner bodywork.

There is no need to change the trailing arm (aluminium part) that supports the car as the system bolts to it. 6 holes are drilled through the trailing arm to support the damper brackets.

It is not necessary to dismantle the car In order to install the damper kit other than to remove the old springs and dampers. Revington TR recommend taking off the trailing arms though to make the job easier and to change the trailing arm bushings for new Superpro polyurethane ones. Order SPF0077K. The job takes a little time to complete but it is not a difficult job for a competent mechanic.

We are flattered by the constant stream of positive feed back we get from customers with this kit fitted, especially when fitted as part of our integrated suspension packages.

For more information click on the link below or

call RevingtonTR on +44(0)1823698437 


Click here to Veiw RTR3003SPK

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Snow Clearing from UK This Weekend?

Garage Time or Road Time?

With the snow clearing from most of the UK this weekend and the weather starting to warm a little following our cold spell maybe you're thinking of working on the TR or even taking it for a spin? We have wall to wall sunshine in our part of Somerset today. So why not spend a few minutes looking through our blog at some of the modifications we have suggested and see what might suit your car, and pocket? You can always call if you cannot find something you require or just want to ask us for more information.
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Special offer on BP6ES and BP6HS Spark Plugs
10% off our NGK spark plugs 24th and 25th Jan 2013 while stocks last. Discount will be given when the order is raised and will not be shown on the web price.

Spark plug BP6ES TR5-6-7   £2.51 exc vat  £3.01 inc vat + shipping

Spark Plug BP6HS TR 2-3-4  £2.60 ec vat    £3.12 in vat + shipping

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Make Sure Your Battery is Always Fully Charged

Is Your Car Always Ready To Go When You Are?

More snow and rain this morning and more due later but RevingtonTR are open and ready to help with all of your TR needs. With your car most probably tucked up in the garage have you considered our "Battery Tender" trickle charger? This will prevent your battery going flat while your car is in storage over the winter and always ensure it is ready to go when you are. See RTR9051 or Click on the link below for more detail.

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Something Different- "Space the final frontier"

Take a Tour of the International Space Station

Hi, This is not a TR related blog so you can stop here if you are not interested in a space related blog. But if you want to see where no TR has gone before read on. This great link was sent to me by one of our customers the other day. If you wonder what the international space station looks like on the inside, how some of it works and see some fantastic sequences of weightlessness in action then look no further. Click on the link below it's 25 minutes long. I found it really fascinating, I hope you do to.. Enjoy. Alan

Departing Space Station Commander Provides Tour of Orbital Laboratory

Thursday, 17 January 2013

TR2-TR3A Steering Rack Conversion

Probably The Best TR2-3 Rack Conversion in The Market Place.

Well, we at RevingtonTR think so but we would wouldn’t we. To prove it we would also need to have experience, knowledge and great customer feedback. As you guessed, we have an abundance of all 3.

The RevingtonTR rack conversion differs from others in the market place. We have designed a system that eliminates the bump steer from our installation. By doing this we have produced a system that gives a good weight, feel, precise, safe, steering control even when the wheel hits a bump. We achieve this by positioning the rack correctly and having the ball joints in the right position. Turning circle can also be greatly increased by the use of other kits but not with our design. We also provide thorough fitting instructions to aid installation. Our kit does entail some welding. This is required to fit the bracketry for the rack into the correct position and to make sure the rack mountings are solid and not going to move under load. The end result is well worth it. There are also other modifications required as with most other rack conversions (click on the link below for more information).

For more information and pricing click on the link below or call RevingtonTR on +44 (0)1823 698437 or e mail


Thursday, 10 January 2013

RevingtonTR Open Day - Saturday April 6th 2013

Welcome One and All

Put This Date Into Your Diary - Saturday 6th April 2013

Neil describing modifications to an uprated chassis
With Christmas and the New Year behind us it’s that time of year again, waiting for spring and summer to arrive. I’m sure you will be thinking about completing the winter jobs and looking forward to getting your TR back on the road. At RevingtonTR we are also working towards making our next Open Day another great success. We will be assembling a group of specialists to give technical feedback on their product. We already have support from Superpro Europe, the Polyurethane Bush Specialists, Evans Cool 180 (the waterless coolant) and we are hoping for more in the coming weeks. Neil Revington will also give a talk on a topical subject of the day. Last years talk on metering units and engine tuning was very well received. We will have exhibits for you to view together with our usual offers and promotions. We will also have the barn and garages open so that you can see if we have that second hand part you have been searching for.

Not all of the cars will be TR's.........
Each year we are seeing an increasing number of visitors to our OpenDay, so why not come along and enjoy the event and the drive down. Somerset is a great place to be in spring with plenty of activities for the rest of the family to enjoy in the area while you indulge in a couple of hours of private TR time. I’m sure you and the family will all have a great day out. Mention it to your club members and make it club outing, maybe the first of the year. Not a bad way to start to the year.

...bur the vast majority will.

For advance orders we will keep your parts to one side to be collected on the day.  It’s easier to have the order picked and ready for you as the counter does get vey busy on the day

See you in April.

We hope you can make it.

See our web site for directions

Fuel Tank TR4-6-Modified Aluminium Tank

RevingtonTR Aluminum Fuel Tank TR4-TR6 - 312359A

Modified and Improved Aluminium Fuel Tank

RevingtonTR have introduced a new Aluminium fuel tank that replaces their previous version of 312359A. The latest version now has a swirl pot fitted that will benefit all PI cars. This tank previously only had baffles, similar to the early TR tanks. This meant that you could get fuel starvation in various road and fuel level configurations in a PI. The swirl pot is only effective on the PI cars but it does mean the one tank will fit all derivatives and give the best fuel supply to all models. The tank is supplied with blanking plugs to blank off the fittings not required for your tank specification. At 50 litres it is very similar in size to the original tank. If your car is suffering from debris in the fuel from your deteriorating steel tank, your have a PI and a tank without a swirl pot then this will be the tank for you.

You can order your new aluminium tank from Revington TR today by clicking on the link below

Click here to view or buy 312359A

The RevingtonTR designed tank 312359XALK with a longer range, different construction and manufactured specifically for TR5-6 PI cars will be available again during February 2013. If you would like more information on this tank please click on the link below

Click here to view or buy 312359XALK

Call +44(0)1823698437 for more information or e-mail

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Evans Classic Cool 180-Update

TV Show Prompts Boost to Sales

Evans waterless Classic Cool 180 was used recently by the Wheeler Dealer team in a TR6 that was undergoing one of the teams "makeovers". This great product had some of its properties discussed and demonstrated during the programme. Once the Evans 180 was in the system the radiator cap was removed while the engine was running to demonstrate the low pressure in the system when using the product. (Don't try this at home if you have water in your system. This can lead to serious scalding). Click on the link below  if you still need to be convinced of the great properties of this product. This is a 4 minute clip from the programme on the Discovery Channel that is both informative as well as entertaining.

Call RevingtonTR on 01823698437 or order on line. Click on the links below to view the clip on You Tube and buy Evans Classic Cool 180.

Wheeler Dealers - TR6

Buy From RevingtonTR by clicking here