Friday 25 January 2013

One of RevingtonTR's Most Popular Upgrades

Coil Over Damper Rear Suspension Conversion

This is Revington TR’s TR4AIRS-6 Rear damper conversion incorporating externally adjustable dampers and SuperPro polyurethane upper and lower bushes. These kits are best suited to owners who intend to use their cars for fast road, track day and/or competition use, a must for all of these applications. Or you may just want to improve your ride quality of your road going tourer. If you are considering any of the above, read on!

Our TR4AIRS-6 Rear damper conversion kit puts the  Telescopic Adjustable dampers inside the rear springs, where Triumph should have put them! The kit comprises 2 adjustable dampers with Superpro Polyurethane upper and lower joints and all the necessary brackets and fittings.

RTR3003 SPK Coil over Damper Conversion

The RevingtonTR damper inside coil rear suspension set-up gives better spring control than the original arrangement resulting in greatly improved road holding. The dampers are adjustable to suit your own preferences and have a longer useful life. When fitted correctly the bump and rebound travel is the same as standard.

With the Dampers fitted inside the rear springs, ground clearance and wheel clearance is maintained ensuring no interference with the tyres under compression. This is the definitive kit - not to be confused with inferior set up's with brackets off the chassis or the inner bodywork.

There is no need to change the trailing arm (aluminium part) that supports the car as the system bolts to it. 6 holes are drilled through the trailing arm to support the damper brackets.

It is not necessary to dismantle the car In order to install the damper kit other than to remove the old springs and dampers. Revington TR recommend taking off the trailing arms though to make the job easier and to change the trailing arm bushings for new Superpro polyurethane ones. Order SPF0077K. The job takes a little time to complete but it is not a difficult job for a competent mechanic.

We are flattered by the constant stream of positive feed back we get from customers with this kit fitted, especially when fitted as part of our integrated suspension packages.

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Click here to Veiw RTR3003SPK

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