Thursday 10 January 2013

Fuel Tank TR4-6-Modified Aluminium Tank

RevingtonTR Aluminum Fuel Tank TR4-TR6 - 312359A

Modified and Improved Aluminium Fuel Tank

RevingtonTR have introduced a new Aluminium fuel tank that replaces their previous version of 312359A. The latest version now has a swirl pot fitted that will benefit all PI cars. This tank previously only had baffles, similar to the early TR tanks. This meant that you could get fuel starvation in various road and fuel level configurations in a PI. The swirl pot is only effective on the PI cars but it does mean the one tank will fit all derivatives and give the best fuel supply to all models. The tank is supplied with blanking plugs to blank off the fittings not required for your tank specification. At 50 litres it is very similar in size to the original tank. If your car is suffering from debris in the fuel from your deteriorating steel tank, your have a PI and a tank without a swirl pot then this will be the tank for you.

You can order your new aluminium tank from Revington TR today by clicking on the link below

Click here to view or buy 312359A

The RevingtonTR designed tank 312359XALK with a longer range, different construction and manufactured specifically for TR5-6 PI cars will be available again during February 2013. If you would like more information on this tank please click on the link below

Click here to view or buy 312359XALK

Call +44(0)1823698437 for more information or e-mail


  1. What is the capacity of this aluminum tank?

    1. 312359A is 50 litres, similar to the original tank. For a slightly larger, 55 litres tank, see 312359XALK


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