Monday, 25 February 2013

Are You Going To The Show?

Stoneleigh Park Sunday 3rd March 2013 Hall 4 Stand 563

I think we can say it will be cold but we will give you a warm welcome. This will be our first show of the year so we will be pleased to see you there. The usual culprits Alan and Dan will be there but we will also be joined by Rob this year.

We will not be taking a wide range of stock but we will have a few of our own special kits at discounted prices, especially for the show and only for attendees of the show. These are special prices for the parts we have with us on the day and are for one day only!

If you are going and would like to order something before hand for collection at the show please let us know and we can bring it with us.

Make sure you visit us on stand 563 in hall 4, the cold one, to take advantage of our special prices!! You will need to dress up warm but we will also try to give you a warm glow with our reduced prices.

We hope to see you Sunday 3rd March, Stoneleigh Park, Hall 4 stand 563. Look out for the Revington Blue flag and banner.

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Triumph TR4-6VC - Photo's of the Works Rally Car

This Thoroughbred is Still Going Strong

This classic car has surely seen some exciting moments since it was first built. The photos below bring to life just a few of those exciting times. Graham Robson, who was the Triumph works motorsport department manager, will be attending our Open Day on Saturday 6th April 2013 and will be giving us more insight on  Triumph rallying history, including 6VC.
RevingtonTR can also help to ensure your car is a true competitor, in whatever class you are competing. Whether it's a TR2, TR3, TR4, TR5, TR250 or TR6 give us a call to see how we can help you. 

In the meantime here are a few photos to whet your appetite.

Works cars being prepared for the Shell 4000. 6VC would have gone through a smilar preparation process for it's works outings.

6VC on an Autocross event. Date unknown

This is 4VC undergoing repair. 6VC would not be to far away. 1962 Leige - service stop

6VC on a "Monte Carlo Run" with Neil Revington and Arthur Williams
6VC in a quiet French Village
6VC in Tasmania 1998

Tasmania again this time with a stunning backdrop

A more recent event in the UK and still going strong. Note the hardtop removed.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Is this the missing link?-Trailing Arm Brackets 141399, 141398, 155502

High Quality Trailing Arm Bracket TR4A-TR6

At RevingtonTR we are keen for TR owners to be aware what parts are available in the market place. When comparing parts prices, looking at the price alone is not a good comparison. Many parts have dual source supply and quality can be different. At RevingtonTR we always try to offer the best quality part at a cost effective price. Being independent we can offer what we consider to be the best in the market place. In this instance we are offering the trailing link bracket 141399, 141398 and 155502 trailing link brackets. We know our brackets are spot on for quality, fit and durability, which is similar to the original part. The detail of the part is as follows. There are 3 types of trailing arm brackets used on TR4A-IRS, 250, 5 and 6, they are identified with 1 notch, 2 notches and 3 notches.

Brackets in position. Shown on our coil over damper kit RTR3003SPK with Anti-Roll bar fitted
  The bracket arrangement was the same until part way through TR6 production when there was a rear coil spring change. The difference between the brackets is the relationship between the mounting holes to the chassis and the holes accommodating the trailing arm support bolt. These holes are displaced up and down differently on each bracket and in production provided the correct camber when fitted in the relationship shown below. When setting the rear suspension start with the correct parts for your car then measure the camber. Fast road cars are likely to be set at 1.25 to 1.5 degrees negative. To change the camber the brackets can be mixed and matched, even turned upside down to get the correct setting. Bear in mind that the chassis may have been repaired and the mounting holes may not be exactly in the correct position. Check what brackets are fitted and order extras of the ones you don't have so that you can test various combinations. We cannot comment here on what the outcome will be as the choice of brackets will depend on individual chassis and spring combinations that you have.

Whilst going through this exercise, the ride height from one side to the other will change. This can be corrected by using Superpro spring insulators SPF2327K or SPF2327-5K, which is a similar part but 5mm thicker.

Brackets available.

141399 1 notch

141399 - 1 Notch New or 141399SH 1 Notch Second Hand

 Click here to view and buy 141399 

141398 2 notch
 141398 - 2 Notches New or 141398SH 2 Notches Second Hand

Click here to view and buy 141398

155502 3 notch

155502 3 Notches New or 155502SH 3 Notches Second Hand

Click here to view and buy 155502

Note: - In the standard fitment (below) the notches are upper most.

TR4A-IRS, TR250, TR5 TR6 up to CP52867/CC61570 INNER 141399 (1 notch)

TR4A-IRS, TR250, TR5 TR6 up to CP52867/CC61570 OUTER 141398 (2 notches)

TR6 from CP52868/CC61571 INNER 155502 (3 notch)

TR6 from CP52868/CC61571 OUTER 141399 (1 notches)

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TR4A-TR6 Lower Fulcrum Bracket - RTR3287 (148691)

Also enables negative camber to be set!

This is a great little bracket that is similar to 148691 but allows changes to your suspension set up that cannot be achieved with the standard bracket.

The TR4A-6 Front suspension attachment Bracket RTR3287 is similar to the original part 148691 except that the attachment screws are longer.

When the front suspension has been strengthened or negative camber is desired, the studs on the standard bracket, 148691, will not be long enough. Use this special bracket, RTR3287 to cure the problem. When the suspension is apart it is good practice to strengthen the chassis brackets as these have a tendency to break away. Not a pleasant experience! Order strengthening kit RTR7017K. See below

RTR3287 Front Suspension Bracket

Click here to view and buy RTR3287

Click here to view and buy RTR7017K

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Monday, 18 February 2013

Whatever Your TR- We're Here to Help

RevingtonTR, TR Global Parts Supplier

If you have a TR2 in a standard road going set up or a TR6 with a full race set up RevingtonTR are the people you should be turning to for your parts and service support. RevingtonTR the Global TR Specialists, have experience of the entire TR range whatever the setup. RevingtonTR are constantly looking for innovation from our suppliers and if we cannot find it we carry out the design and development ourselves. RevingtonTR also re-manufacture parts that might no longer be available. We develop new parts to support modern performance and reliability. Examples of recent developments are the re manufactured sidelights for TR4-5. A new fuel PRV valve and hose set up to eliminate noise and petrol fumes and finally our latest revision of our EFI kit to maximise engine performance and fuel economy continues to provide first time starting and fantastic fuel economy. 

TR's on tour in Ireland

TR4-5 Sidelights. A customer pleasing reproduction from RevingtonTR

Connector block150640 was not available - RevingtonTR re manufactured this part

RevingtonTR specialise in TR’s. We have stuck to what we know and we do it well, This statement was confirmed in the Customer survey carried out last year. Since then we have continued to build on that success. We have an average of over 52% of orders dispatched on the same day as the order is received (before 1pm) and this number is growing weekly (w/c 4th Feb 2013 it was 75%). To support our delivery service we use next day delivery to UK address’s, 2-3 days for Western Europe and deliver the rest of our orders across the globe as cost effectively and timely as possible. And you should know RevingtonTR operate a process of continual improvement and are always looking for your feedback.

Neil Revington In action

If you haven’t used us before, give us try. We will do our best to meet your expectations. If you are already a RevingtonTR customer I hope you are enjoying our high levels of service and support.

To try us for your next order, for a full parts listing, information and contact details, find us at

RevingtonTR-Knowledge and Passion.

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Friday, 15 February 2013

Model Triumphs from "Vanguards" - Classic Collectables

How to Own Your Own Fleet of Triumph Thoroughbreds

RevingtonTR have been a stockist of the range of Triumph models for some time now. From the racing Spitfire, TR7, and Sprint to road going TR4's and TR5's all are available from RevingtonTR. These great models have some fine detail and are models for the collector not toys.

Click on the links below for the ones you want to own.

This link will take you to most of the models but you will have to enter on our web site and enter the number VA11504 for the green car , VA11505 for the blue car and VA11506 for the black car . Alternatively call us to place your order.Click here to view or buy the models

Thursday, 14 February 2013

RevingtonTR Open Day-Guest Update

RevingtonTR Open Day Sat 6th April 2013
Special Guest - Graham Robson

We said we were going to make our open day a special day for TR enthusiasts. Well I think we have exceeded even our own expectations. GRAHAM ROBSON has agreed to join us on the day and hold a question and answer session on the Triumph works rally cars.

Graham Robson-Triumph Works Motorsport Expert
As well as being an accomplished engineer, rally driver, journalist and author, Graham has an in depth knowledge of the Triumph works motorsport department from 1962 to 1965 a period when he ran the re opened section at Fletchampsted, Coventry. This was the period of the Spitfire Le Mans cars, TR4, Vitesse, Spitfire and 2000 rally car developments. So if you want to meet the man who was personally involved and has an in depth knowledge of the Triumph racing era, who can answer most if not all of your questions, why not come along on the day and meet the man who knows it all. I know it will be an interesting session.

I hope you can make it.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

RevingtonTR - Favourite Photos

Some of Our Favourite's

Following yesterdays blog I have loaded up a few of our favourites that we have posted in various locations recently. Have a look at ours but if you  have a favourite of your own then get it in to me at our facebook site at RevingtonTR or e-mail it to

Don't be shy, let everyone see how your time, effort and money has been tranformed into into a beautiful car.

Italia- On final approach to land

Italia - in a more sedate setting

The fully restored Southend -on-Sea TR4 in its original Police "uniform"

The original Works Rally cars at TR International Malvern 

6VC and 3VC in the background at RevingtonTR's Open day

3VC Works Rally Car
RevingtonTR Open day Car Park

RevingtonTR Open day Car Park

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RevingtonTR For TR Parts, Service and Support

RevingtonTR- Here to help

Interested in Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR4, TR5, TR250 or TR6? Do you own one? Would you like to own one? Whatever your status, make sure you visit the RevingtonTR Blog and facebook sites. If it’s parts, workshop support or information you are after, somewhere on our blog or website is the information you are looking for. Whether its concours, standard spec, fast road rally or race, we can help. Whatever stage of build or development you are at, we can help. Visit our blog or web site and give us a call. Our friendly team will try to assist you at every stage of your cars life.

Click on our blog or facebook links. If you like what you see, don’t forget to “LIKE” what you see. We hope to speak to you soon.

Works Rally Cars 6VC far left, replica support van, Neils Targa rally car and  3VC far right.
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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Research and Development Leads To Customer Satisfaction

RevingtonTR Workshops-Knowledge and Passion

As long as there has been a RevingtonTR there has been a RevingtonTR workshop. The company was started by Neil Revington in the early 1980's and he was joined later by Carl Kiddell and latterly Dan Allen. These 3 people form the highly skilled and knowledgeable team that specialise in the Triumph “TR” range. Not wanting to diversify away from cars he knows in great depth, is a policy that has kept us at the top of our game for many years. From the very beginning Neil was designing and developing parts to improve and upgrade his own TR. These parts soon found their way into the market place and from then on there was no looking back. These days Neil continues to develop, upgrade and check existing parts for the best, most cost effective parts that we can supply. Nearly all of the parts we sell have at some stage been tested on our own cars, either during Neil’s road and race events or test fitted in our workshop. This has proved to be a great benefit to our business and you, our customers.

Natalie,  Neil  Sue, Marcus, Carl, Alan, Dan, Dave, Bill (Retired), Rob (just out of shot. Must get a new photo!)

With this experience behind us we believe we offer a great service at a cost effective price also providing continued customer support long after the car has left our workshops. That is just one reason why you should consider RevingtonTR for your service, refurbishment and upgrade work. With Neil backing up Carl and Dan together with our own parts department backing up the workshop we are able to offer a great all inclusive service.

Why not give us a call when you need professional workshop support that lasts long after your car has left the workshop. RevingtonTR, Renowned for their "Knowledge and Passion" for the TR Marque.

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Let Us Display Your Favorite TR Photo.

Send Your Favourite TR Photograph to RevingtonTR
Several people have contacted us recently regarding the photo's we are using on our blog and facebook posts. I would like to share a couple that we are using so I have posted them below. If you would like to use them please feel free to do so. Or if you would like a copy, e-mail me at and  I will get copies out to you.

Why not share your favourite TR photo with us? e -mail it to me at the above address and I will put it on our site so it can be shared with others. (Please ensure you have permission from the owner of the photo and there are no copyright issues that prevent us displaying the photos . By passing the photos to us you are authorising our use of them).

I look forward to receiving your photo's. In the meantime here are a few of our favourite.

VIsitors at RevingtonTR Open Day

Works rally cars 6VC (left) and 3VC (Far Right). Orange graduated filter

Works rally car 6VC, Neils Targa, replica support van and 3VC. Using a Starburst filter

Works rally car 6VC left and 3VC far right. Graduated blue filter

3VC using a Starburst filter