Friday 8 February 2013

TR2-TR6 Heater - Bulkhead Pipe Stainless Connectors

New Stainless Steel Connectors

These are reproductions of the originals and have been faithfully reproduced in stainless steel. These great looking stainless steel bulkhead connectors are now available from RevingtonTR. Available for the full range from TR2 to TR6. One end of the connector has been sand blasted to improve the grip of the hose on to the pipe to prevent the hose slipping off. We would also recommend Heldite jointing compound be applied to prevent the pipes coming off the end without the swage. There have been incidents of this happening with the original connector so we always recommend a belts and braces approach for this hose joint.

To purchase these parts please click on the link below

601950SS TR2-T3A. 2 required per car

611043SS TR4-TR6 1 required per car

TDC5001-125 Heldite jointing compound

For more information please call RevingtonTR :-

+44(0)1823698437 or e mail or visit our website at

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