Friday 1 February 2013

TR2-6 Chassis Strengthening Kits

Make your chassis as strong as possible
RevingtonTR’s chassis strengthening kits have proved themselves over the years. These kits are some of our best selling parts and have been tried and tested on the works rally and Neil’s road and rally cars. The kits can increase chassis life, reduce the risk of failure in an arduous rally environment or stiffen the chassis for improved handling. Although best fitted when the body is off some kits can be fitted with the body on. A must if you are undertaking a full chassis restoration. Also best fitted before shot blasting and painting (but they can be fitted at any time), they will serve you well offering all of the above benefits.

We also have a range of sump guards, belly panels and chassis plates for full underbody protection.

Whatever your requirement check out the links below.

TR2-6 Additional strut, engine bay to body

TR2-6 Support strut Turret to Chassis to box section

TR2-4 Rear Damper mounting kit for DAS 10 dampers

TR2-4 Damper strengthener DAS 9 type.

TR4A-6 Front Suspension kit


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