Wednesday 13 February 2013

RevingtonTR - Favourite Photos

Some of Our Favourite's

Following yesterdays blog I have loaded up a few of our favourites that we have posted in various locations recently. Have a look at ours but if you  have a favourite of your own then get it in to me at our facebook site at RevingtonTR or e-mail it to

Don't be shy, let everyone see how your time, effort and money has been tranformed into into a beautiful car.

Italia- On final approach to land

Italia - in a more sedate setting

The fully restored Southend -on-Sea TR4 in its original Police "uniform"

The original Works Rally cars at TR International Malvern 

6VC and 3VC in the background at RevingtonTR's Open day

3VC Works Rally Car
RevingtonTR Open day Car Park

RevingtonTR Open day Car Park

For more information on RevingtonTR

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