Wednesday 6 February 2013

The Advantages of an Adjustable Upper Fulcrum-

-And Why You Might Need One For Your TR2-TR4 or TR4A-6

TR2-4 adjustable top fulcrum. Enables accurate setting of camber. This could be required due to minor chassis misalignment. This useful kit obviates the need to "cut and shut" wishbones. Designed and developed by Revington TR in 1990 and still a best seller world wide! Although copied by other manufacturers, who do not know how it actually works and do not supply definative instructions, we believe ours is still the most comprehensive kit.

This kit incorporates a fulcrum which can be slid over the top of the turret allowing accurate camber setting. Once set, a top plate provided is welded in place to secure the assembly (extra top plates are available should future alteration be required). The welding required is very minor. There is a top plate which clamps the main body which slides under it to enable camber to be adjusted. Once set to the correct camber it is good practice to make a couple of small tack welds so the top plate is fixed to the main body.This kit uses late TR4 to TR6 type top wishbones and Top ball joint, and the late TR4 three degree caster trunnion. Full instructions are included.

TR2 to early TR4 owners will need to purchase some standard late TR4-6 components. The wishbones are set wider than normal, spacers being provided to be selectively placed either side of the Top ball joint to ensure the vertical link is under no tension. The standard TR4-6 components required are: -

2 x 133504SHPC Top wishbone, second-hand powder coated. 2 x 133507SHPC Top wishbone, second-hand powder coated, 2 x GSJ131GR Top ball joint, 1 x 133838 Lower trunnion RH, 1 x 133839 Lower trunnion LH.

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RTR3112K TR2-4 Upper Fulcrum Kit

A similar kit is available for TR4A-6 too. see below RTR3174K.Click the link for more information.

RTR3174K Upper Fulcrum Kit Tr4A-6

Kit Installed

For more information call RevingtonTR on +44(0)1823698437 or e mail

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