Tuesday 5 February 2013

Uprated Steering Column Bushes for TR2-TR6

How to Remove Play From the Steering Column

An MOT failure (and other country specific service checks) usually are the main drivers to change the Steering column top bush. But did you know there is just 1 bush on the TR2-TR3 solid column, 3 bushes on a TR3A split column  and 2 on the TR4-6.
Revington sell these bushes in kits with full fitting instructions to ease fitment, remove the play and further improve your driving pleasure.

The felt bush is always troublesome. It’s either too tight or too lose as it wears out very quickly. Revington TR’s design uses a machined plastic bush with a polyurethane outer. This extends the service life of the bushes way beyond anything achievable from a felt bush. These bushes can also be used in Spitfire, GT6 and Herald columns (check web site for correct part numbers). TR2-TR3A will need the column to be drilled to take the locating lugs on the bush if you wish to carry out the correct service fix. The lugs can be removed if the modification required is not one you wish to carry out. Once fitted you should never have a problem with steering column bushes again.

Click on the link below to buy or see more information. All bushes are available in single items as well as kits.
209423UP TR4-TR6,  1 bush
209423UPK  TR4-TR6, Kit,  2 bushes
RTR3492K TR3A Split Column, 3 bushes
RTR3492-1K TR2-3 Solid Column, 1 bush

209423UP single bush (2 bushes shown to show design and shape).

RTR3492. Single bush

Call RevingtonTR on +44(0)1823698437 or e mail info@revingtontr.com for more information

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