Tuesday 26 July 2011

Revington TR at Harrogate TR International 29th - 31st July

Don't forget to pop by this weekend to the worlds greatest TR show, the TR Register International Weekend at Harrogate. Revington TR will be present showcasing our great range of original, reproduction and improved parts.

The much anticipated TR4 Police Car will also be present, which Neil has carefully restored to original factory condition, all the police equipment is in place with only a few bits of trim to finish it off, a must see for this years weekend. Revington TR will also be selling the Vanguard models of this vehicle a nice addition to any collection.

If you wish to place an order for any parts for collection at the show, please let us know before Thursday.

We look forward to seeing customers old and new, it is always a great opportunity to catch up, we hope to see you there!

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Barbados Rally - First Report

Neil at Castle Combe in the same car ,"Targa" TR5
Sprint at Bushey Park went off without drama. All the local lads drove everywhere sideways which was spectacular to watch but proved not to be particularly quick.

Jimmy McRae and Francis Tuthill achieved best times of 1 minute 50 and 1 minute 51, whereas the winning local in a mega tuned silhouette starlet achieved 1 minute 48.

David and I achieved 2.04 and 2.05. But all of this is speculation as in typical Barbados fashion 3 days later we still haven't seen any official results.

We have carried out a recce for the rally next weekend but even that has been a little speculative as we so far haven't seen a road book.

We are definitely on Island time man!

Friday 15 July 2011

Inertia Switch Kit - Fuel Pump Cut Off

Safety is Paramount - get one today
Revington TR's kit RTR8346K - Inertia switch kit, connectors and fitting instructions is a must for any car fitted with an electric fuel pump. In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident this kit will cut off the power supply to the fuel pump. It is a modern replacement for the original switch. 

As an aside when I used to drive more modern cars with this type of device fitted I also used it as an anti theft device. When leaving the car I would trip the switch with a sharp tap so that the car was immobilised. Reset the switch by pushing the button in before driving off and all was ready to go again, not its intended purpose but it worked for me.

Every car with an electric fuel pump should have RTR8346K fitted. Ensure you do have one and it is working. If you do need to order one please click on the link below
£31.76 exc vat, £38.11 inc vat. (as at 15/7/11)

 Click here for RTR8346K

Thursday 14 July 2011

Targa TR5 switches gear from Tasmania to 'Barbados Historic Carnival' stage rally

I built my powder blue TR5 specifically to compete in Australia's Targa Tasmania closed road stage rally. For all sorts of reasons the car never competed in this event but has found a second home in the Barbados Historic Carnival closed road stage rally.

The car will be driven by me and navigated by Sue Revington with support from my old friend Ian (Mac) McGillivray. Last year Bernard Northmore who shares a TR with me from time to time on road rallies suggested we took the TR to Barbados to take part in this event. Unfortunately last year wasn't convenient but the "deal" was so good that I made sure I was free to do it this year. Even if Bernard had wanted to navigate he wasn't going to get a look in as Sue decided that she was not going to let me go to Barbados without her and that she would be occupying the navigators seat.

Friday 8 July 2011


Shown as out of stock by some suppliers

The Left Hand.Front and Right Hand Rear lower link is for TR4A-6 is now in stock at RevingtonTR.  Hidden from the light in our large store for many years these brand new original parts, still in the original boxes, are now available from RevingtonTR.

We have a stock of this item so please call to get your stock order today.

You don't have to make a wish, just place your order.

See 106577EX and 106578EX for TR2-TR4. These are refurbished links. They have been dimensionally
checked and the bores machined and rebushed where necessary.

Blog Updated 20/3/13

Monday 4 July 2011

TR International Harrogate 29th - 31st July

Gentlemen, and Ladies, start your engines.
Vangaurd Model TR4 Police Car

Its that time of year again. The TR International, which this year is being held at Harrogate, looks likely to be another cracking event. RevingtonTR will be there with the usual suspects in attendance. We will be setting up our display on Friday and we hope to see and re-aquaint ourselves  with many old and new freinds from all over the world. On display at the show will be Neils TR4 Police Car project plus the works rally car,  6VC. Together with our displays and a few parts that we are taking along, we are all looking forward to an exciting weekend.

TR International Malvern 2010

If you would like to collect parts at the show please get your order into us by visiting http://www.revingtontr.com/ and letting us know that you want to "collect at the International" in the special instructions box and we will bring the parts with us.

We'll be there, I hope you can make it too.