Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Triumph Beta takes to the Road

Neils latest project received its MOT this week making it roadworthy for the first time! The Triumph Beta was a development project that paired a TR3A body to a TR4 chassis. This meant the body needed wider wheel arches to cope with the wider tracked TR4 chassis - but Neil didn't stop there. It is now fitted with a tweeked Triumph 6 cylinder engine and a complete Revington TR suspension package. To see the latest faceboook posts visit RevingtonTR on facebook.We will be publishing more photos and details in the near future but for now please have a look at the photos below to  see the latest stage of the still to be finished project. (Seat and harness were to get through the test only and will be changed when we have the correct parts).

Triumph Beta - Not quite complete - August 2013

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Friday, 2 August 2013

Mintex Brake Pads


RevingtonTR wanted to find the best brake pad for our classic TR's. Following extensive on car testing the decisive winner was Mintex. We now stock Mintex material wherever we can for the TR range. A wide range of pads and material is also available for many other classics not just Triumph TR's. From standard road M1109 to race M1177 materail, we stock a selection of the most common types of pad/material mix. If you know the pad number, check out the prices on  our web site by clicking on the link below. Alfa, Ferrari, Ford, Porsche, or Rolls Royce, we have a wide range in stock. Check out the web site or give us call.
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