Friday 8 February 2013

See and Be Seen - Stainless Steel Lamp Bars

Lamp Bars for Triumph TR4-TR5
Our Stainless Steel Lamp bar for Triumph TR4, 4A, 250, 5 allows the fitting of auxillary lights. No holes need to be drilled as the bar fits to the bumper irons.

This new Lamp Bar is a Revington TR development, which unlike the 'rally' lamp bar (RTR8126K and RTR8126XK) does not require the removal of the front bumper. This alternative new version can be fitted straight to the car with the bumper in situ and also allows the bonnet to open normally. The bar bolts to the inboard pair of bumper iron bolts, which fall in the same place on all bumpers TR4, 4A, 250, 5.

Once in place the bar can then be fitted with the 5" fog or auxiliary driving lights that it is designed to carry. The lamps are positioned 420mm apart.

Please note that the overriders fitted to TR4 front bumpers are much closer together than those fitted to the TR4A, TR250 and TR5. With the spacing between the lamps at 420mm as mentioned above, a TR4 overrider is 65mm from the centre line of the lamp, where the lamp is at its widest. This dimension being 250mm on a TR4A, 250, 5 as the overriders are much further apart. If 65mm (TR4 only) will not accommodate your chosen lamps, then we suggest making a simple steel strap 4mm x 30mm, which can be bolted between the two bar lamp mounts. This strap can be drilled to accommodate your lamps at a spacing to suit you.

Customer Endorsement

"The light bar arrived today, and I am very impressed. The fit looks to be perfect, and the finish is extremely nice. I particularly like the added brace under the light mounts to help eliminate vibration...nice touch! Thank you for the fast shipment." Bob G. USA

Lamp Bar RTR8428 TR4-TR5

RTR8428 fitted in position

Click here for more detail and to buy RTR8428

Works Rally Lamp Bars RTR8126K and RTR8126XK

If you are looking for a lamp bar similar to the works rally cars that also take the big lamps please click on the link below.

Click here for more detail and to buy RTR8126K and RTR8126XK

For more detail and information please contact RevingtonTR using the details below.

Phone +44(0)1823698437



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