Wednesday 30 January 2013

Thinking of going Racing this Year?

Or just want to be more competitive?
The first year can be difficult. Having to learn the ropes, the in's and out's, the twist and turns and that's before you get on to the track. Taking that first step to driving with your number on the door can be a little daunting. We know there are lots of people driving TR's and other Triumph's (thats all Triumphs not just TR's), that are looking for a little more excitement from driving their car and would like to take part in a competitive environment. The  "RevingtonTR Sprint and TR Register Sprint and Hillclimb Championship" is just the thing for you. The event is run at several locations around the country to ensure everyone has a chance to drive locally. All events take place at well known venues, all offering a challenge and each event always has the toughest person to beat taking part, you! Will you be able to beat your own previous best time?

If you are keen to take part or just learn more about the championship please give Neil a call or drop him a line at  We will be able to offer useful advice for the beginner as well as offer advice on the kit and parts needed to enter your first competitive event. It's fun to watch but much more fun to take part. And of course there is the awards dinner where the winners collect  their trophies. Give us a call, what have you got to lose.

Call +44(0)1823 698437

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