Thursday 24 January 2013

Snow Clearing from UK This Weekend?

Garage Time or Road Time?

With the snow clearing from most of the UK this weekend and the weather starting to warm a little following our cold spell maybe you're thinking of working on the TR or even taking it for a spin? We have wall to wall sunshine in our part of Somerset today. So why not spend a few minutes looking through our blog at some of the modifications we have suggested and see what might suit your car, and pocket? You can always call if you cannot find something you require or just want to ask us for more information.
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Special offer on BP6ES and BP6HS Spark Plugs
10% off our NGK spark plugs 24th and 25th Jan 2013 while stocks last. Discount will be given when the order is raised and will not be shown on the web price.

Spark plug BP6ES TR5-6-7   £2.51 exc vat  £3.01 inc vat + shipping

Spark Plug BP6HS TR 2-3-4  £2.60 ec vat    £3.12 in vat + shipping

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