Thursday 17 January 2013

TR2-TR3A Steering Rack Conversion

Probably The Best TR2-3 Rack Conversion in The Market Place.

Well, we at RevingtonTR think so but we would wouldn’t we. To prove it we would also need to have experience, knowledge and great customer feedback. As you guessed, we have an abundance of all 3.

The RevingtonTR rack conversion differs from others in the market place. We have designed a system that eliminates the bump steer from our installation. By doing this we have produced a system that gives a good weight, feel, precise, safe, steering control even when the wheel hits a bump. We achieve this by positioning the rack correctly and having the ball joints in the right position. Turning circle can also be greatly increased by the use of other kits but not with our design. We also provide thorough fitting instructions to aid installation. Our kit does entail some welding. This is required to fit the bracketry for the rack into the correct position and to make sure the rack mountings are solid and not going to move under load. The end result is well worth it. There are also other modifications required as with most other rack conversions (click on the link below for more information).

For more information and pricing click on the link below or call RevingtonTR on +44 (0)1823 698437 or e mail


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