Wednesday 29 June 2011

"Spider" Window Winder Handles TR4-TR6

Door bar plus Spider handle Equals Open Window

RevingtonTR has been at it again! We have manufactured a window winder in aluminium for the TR4-TR6.
The 3 legged 'Spider' design with 'sporty holes' in each leg replaces the window winder handles on TR4-6 cars as the original winder handles will not fit with the door bars of some roll cages in place.

This spider handle kit is an essential fitment when a roll cage with door bars is fitted to a TR4, 4A, 250, 5 or 6. Invariably the door bars are so close to the window winder handles that the original handles will not fit at all, and if they can, they cannot be operated. The spider handle is operated by turning the wheel until the next  arm  becomes visible above the door bar, so this can be operated, then another and so on so that full operation of the window is available.

The kit includes handle, boss, fixings screws and roll pins for both doors.
Part No. RTR7275K Ex VAT: £68.40 Check out the web site or give us a call.

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