Friday 10 December 2010

Don't be Scared by the Winter, Embrace it!

Here at Revington TR we believe TRs should be used all year round but most owners are discouraged with the slightest hint of inclement weather. Worrying that bodywork will be damaged from the wet or heater systems can't cope with the cold, or simply not being able to see where you’re going.

Thankfully Revington TR are here to help with upgrades such as underwing shields and wax oiling protecting your bodywork. High performance heater systems keeping you warm in the winter months and in combination with Upgraded wiper systems keeping your view of the road clear.

So why not treat your car to an upgrade and enjoy TR Motoring all year round!
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Upgrade your Wiper System

Original standard TR Wiper Systems are notoriously poor. Revington TR can provide complete solutions to overhaul and improve Wiper efficiency. Including: Heavy Duty Wiper Upgrade kits to replace the substandard originals. High Performance Silicone Wiper Blade Inserts, which are the best blades we have ever used! Hella Intermittent Wiper Kits, with variable dwell from 2 to 20 sweeps/minute.

As well as all the replacement washer and wiper assembly components you will need to complete an overhaul. Buy Online

Protect Your Body and Chassis

Protect your bodywork from corrosion with these easy to fit underwing shields. Unlike modern cars the inside of TR wheel arches are open to the elements, water and mud can get stuck in these recesses causing corrosion. Prevent expensive repairs by fitting these liners.

Complete your protection by using Ankor Wax Oil to prevent chassis corrosion. Buy Online

Uprated Heaters

Summer Motoring all year round!

With our uprated heaters you can enjoy your TR all year round even in the winter months. Whether you drive a sidescreen TR or a later model, we have designed heaters that really work, keeping you warm and comfortable whatever the weather. Our heaters don't just work well they are also affordable and simple to fit. These kits will also replace poor performing heaters in many other classic cars. Call today for further information or click below for more detail. Buy Online

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