Tuesday 6 December 2011

2011 - Where did it go?

What a year, it has just flown by so quickly. Once again  we have had a busy year at RevingtonTR. Despite the tough economic situation around the world we are pleased to announce there is still a strong TR market out there. We have seen demand grow from area's with a strong currency particularly Australia. Our presence in the market place as TR specialists is spreading to more distant shores and we are seeing our shipments overseas grow. Parcel size to overseas markets has been a problem as many shippers ship on volume rather than weight. We will endeavour to keep shipping costs down during 2012.

We have also been putting in a lot of effort to ship as quickly as possible. Together with our next day delivery service (UK only) we were able to get parts out to you quickly. During the week commencing 28th November 60% of orders were shipped the same day with the average shipment time for all parcels being less than 1 day. (Well done Dave). I am really pleased with this performance and will be looking to improve on this during 2012.

I am going to keep the big drum out and bang on a little more about the parts we supply. We still appear to have a lot of customers that are not aware we sell standard as well as modified parts!! Some potential customers don't come to us because they think we are expensive, and we know some of you do, so please ask why. In many instances it is because our product is different from other suppliers. We are an independent company able to sell the best available parts. We try hard to ensure you have the best parts. Check out our prices and give us a call. We know you can always go elsewhere but we want the best for our customers and will always try to provide the best service and quality.

A lot of you will also know Bill White retired this year.  I have added this photo of his leaving presentation. Bill is holding an engraved decanter which Neil presented to him together with his favourite tipple which, I'm sure is all gone by now. A quick trip to the local gave Bill a well deserved send off. Once again  I would like to thank Bill for his support and wish him well for the future.

And Finally- We've got a whole new year to look forward to. We have further developments planned for our fantastic and some will say market leading web site to make the experience easier and more informed. We are always trying to add more photos of our parts but that is an ongoing task. Who knows what else 2012 holds for us but lets enjoy the holiday season. Have a great Christmas and New Year and I look forward to speaking to you all in 2012.

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