Wednesday 14 December 2011

RevingtonTR - Bosch PI Specialists

At RevingtonTR we have been repairing standard PI installations and designing and installing our own Bosch fuel pump kits for many years. Our design has been copied by many but we believe never bettered. With a wealth of experience from our own workshops and working with an approved Bosch distributor we are able to design the best installation for your TR. There have been several changes to Bosch fuel pumps over recent months that have led to some poor supercessions in pump specifications from various suppliers. Working with our Bosch distributor we have ensured our pumps are the correct specification for the intended purpose. Our kits have pumps with the correct flow rates and pressures to ensure your PI system operates with optimum performance. A tap also ensures the system can be isolated if required. A see through filter to help initial installation (which is later replaced with an aluminium sleeve) helps servicing and enables you to visually check for fuel contamination. Our hoses and fittings are also made specifically for our installation by a local manufacturer. Tight quality control and high quality parts ensure you get  great performance from  a RevingtonTR Bosch Fuel pump conversion. Finally, being fitted in the wheelarch ensures unwanted fumes are kept out of the boot.Other kits may look similar but ours is the real thing

Our latest kit is  RTR4050XK  (click on the part number to see more detail).  It really is a must if you are considering a Bosch conversion.

Check out our web site for more details or give us a call on 01823698437 or e mail

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