Wednesday 21 December 2011

Knobs and nuts - For your TR4-6.

RevingtonTR have now sourced a new high quality spherical gear knob for TR4-6 (Fitted up to CP53853) part number 131246. The Spherical knob is made in a hard plastic and has a metal insert to ensure it can be securely fixed to the gear lever using one of our  new shiny nuts NP505064. It has a smooth finish with no uncomfortable moulding lines so it feels smooth to the touch. This will give your TR the original look and also ensure the knob fits securely and correctly. The knob has a plain top with no gear position markings. Click here to go to the gearknob. There is also now a stainless steel locknut for the TR2-3A gearknob. The nut can be polished to get a shiny finish. See part number 109047. Click here to view 109047

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