Thursday 18 April 2013

TR4 1962 Police Car - NOW SOLD - July 2014

For a Driver or Collector

Many  of you will have followed the detailed refurbishment of the Police car owned by Neil Revington over the past couple of years. You may even have seen it at the TR International or several other shows around the country. Some of the details have been published on this Blog and in our Facebook postings. Well, now you could own this car! Neil has decided to sell the car. It was recently offered for sale at the  "Historics at Brooklands" auction on the 1st June 2013. With the original registration, 4100 HJ as seen on the original Police photos, it was a big draw but - it failed to reach the reserve price. Neil is now offering the car for sale privately.

For more details please see our web site . If you would like more details please drop us a line at

Phone-  +44 (0)1823698437
Skype- RevingtonTR


  1. Thanks a lot for posting this information, Really i have gotten a new idea to your posting that is very uncommon to me. I come to you to know more detail about this Police Car. Thanks....

    1. If you would like more information about the sale or background of this car please contact Neil Revington via


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