Friday 19 April 2013

Jigsaw Race - Snetterton UK - April 14th 2013

Mark and Joe of Jigsaw racing Services have once given us the opportunity to race other Triumphs in their 20 minute invitation race, this time at Snetterton.

The grid consisted of 14 Triumphs and Triumph derivatives, ranging from David Bailey’s very rapid 2400cc TR4, a Dolomite sprint, a smattering of other TR’s a range of Spitfires, GT6 and Vitesse and Celia Stevens in here 3.5 Litre Warwick.

Practice was damp with dry patches which ensured we were all up to 2 seconds off the pace. David Bailey took pole with Tony Crudgington’s Dolomite 2nd, Phillip Lambe’s TR6 3rd, Clive Gimson’s GT6 4th, My TR5 5th and Celia Stevens Warwick 6th.

The race was a clean fight as they say, with no contact which is always good. David’s TR4 streaked away from the start and I managed to get alongside Phillip as I saw Celia streak ahead out of the corner of my eye taking several places. For a while Celia was in front of Clive whilst the front 3 were steadily pulling away but Clive eventually got past Celia and set off after the others.

That left Celia and I to battle it out, for 5th and 6th. Time and again I was able to get right up close and personal and on a few occasions past her on the corners but on each occasion the significant extra power of the Warwick’s 3.5 litre engine meant that Celia could easily steam past on the straight so that the same scene could be played out at the next corner. Celia peddled the Warwick really well considering it runs on Cross ply tyres and after the race we has a good laugh and big smiles recounting our dicing and agreed that whilst the TR5 might have handled better, there is no substitute for cubes as the Americans say.

David Bailey took the chequered flag and the order up to 6th stayed the same as the starting grid with the exception of Celia and I swapping places; grrr!

Congratulations to David for winning which I believe is his first racing victory in 40 years of competition, so a very special day indeed.

Very special thanks to Jo and Mark for organising and I hope they organise a similar event next year. I will be there if other commitments allow if they do.
J Neil Revington

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