Friday 7 September 2012

RevingtonTR - Making New Connections

Connector Block 150640

RevingtonTR previously manufactured this connector to supply to the trade and retail. It has been unavailable for several months. We are now very pleased to announce that the connector will be available again at the end of September 2012.

                   3D "X-Ray" Of  The Connector

The connector is a direct replacement for TR6 part 150640 and is identical in every way. The outer shell is white plastic with a 4 way connector embedded inside. It is intended to connect 4 heavy duty cables together via 9.5mm Lucar connectors. This connector will be useful for ANY car where an alternator conversion is being fitted or simply where up to 4 heavy duty cables need connecting together.

This connector offers a tidy and neat solution for connecting 4 heavy duty wires together using 9.5mm Lucar terminals. It can also offer additional connections if only two or three connections are in use presently enabling additional applications to be connected safely such as RevingtonTR's Auxiliary fuse box kit RTR8170K. So, by using this connector you can eradicate untidy and potentially dangerous connectors and installations
On cars where there is no easy way of connecting to the main electrical feed wire (usually a thick brown wire) this can be cut and the connector introduced with 9.5mm Lucar terminals crimped onto the brown wires to allow for additional services. 

Connector in packaging

This item is a great little connector that has been missing from the market place for some time.

Order Here

150640 is priced at only £9.45 exc vat or £11.34 inc vat. You can order directly from RevingtonTR on our web site at  or from any good TR Parts supplier.
Call 01823698437 or e mail for more information

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