Friday 28 September 2012

No need for Anti Freeze This Winter

Use Evans Classic Cool 180

Since the launch of  Evans Classic Cool we have been asked the same questions many times, "does it work" and the answer is a resounding "YES"! RevingtonTR would not offer anything for sale without testing it first. So Evans Classic Cool was put to the test in Neils own car, undergoing extensive testing and evaluation. It has prooved itself in rallies and extended driving under arduous conditions. Neil was delighted with the results and had to make it available to the rest of the market place. With winter coming I'm sure your considering what antifreeze might be required.

Instead of using anti freeze, now is the time to make the move and change to Evans. 
No need to use anti-freeze EVER again when Evans Classic Cool is used.

The coolant is completely water free and therefore will not freeze all the way down to -40 deg C, it will not boil all the way up to 180 Deg C and  there will be no corrosion due to there being no water! It operates at much reduced pressure thus improving the longevity of hoses, the water pump, seals and other cooling system components.

The system has to be free of water to work effectively so some preparation is required. (Prep fluid is not required if the engine is dry ie after a rebuild and had no water in the system).This is carried out using Evans Prep Fluid. Evans prep fluid is used to condition the system, its primary role is to remove water from the system. 5 litres will be enough for systems up to 8 litres capacity.  

The system is then filled with the correct amount of Evans Classic Cool 180, which is available is multiples of 5 litres.

For reference TR's have the following capacities: -

TR2-4A approximately 8 litres

TR250, 5, 6 approximately 6.5 litres

TR7 approximately 7.6 litres

TR8 approximately 11 litres

Remember it is not only TR's or Classics that Evans 180 works with. Any car or motorbike, classic or modern will benefit from this product. In addition we can supply Vintage Cool 180 which is specially formulated to suit vintage cars and motorbikes as well as Power Cool 180 which is suitable for racing cars and motorbikes. Further information is available from RevingtonTR. Click on the link below for more infromation or

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