Friday 29 June 2012

TR's Sent to Coventry - A Great Day Out.

We had an unusual but extremely interesting run out with the Cotswold Vale group of the TR Register on Father’s day Sunday the 17th of June. Sue and I took 3VC to meet up with Terry Smith and Jacky at his house in Evesham then joined a convoy of TR’s on our way to Coventry airport.

Air Atlantique have made Coventry airport their home where they look after an amazing array of classic aeroplanes. They have amongst other fabulous airworthy craft, a De Havilland Rapide, a Venom, a Dove and a Meteor.

Recently retired from service however they have kept a DC6 and converted it into a restaurant and bar.

After parking our cars in front of an Avro Shackleton we set off for the bar and the restaurant where we had an excellent meal and a few bevvies before having the opportunity to walk around (and in) most of the aircraft. We were also privileged to see the Venom and the Meteor fire up and fly off to a local air display.

Thanks to Terry Smith for organising a fabulous day out combining all my favourite things, Aircraft, TR’s, good food and beer, good company and of course not forgetting Sue who knew from the start she would be driving home: well it was father’s day!

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