Thursday 7 March 2013

Customers Cars

Here is  a Lovely Example of a Customers Car
You know I have been trying to get a collection of photos of customers cars for some weeks now. We have had several responses and I have uploaded those to the web site. Ideally I would like to see cars with lots of RevingtonTR parts fitted but don't worry if they have not. Here is a car from one of our customers with a little bit of a biography as well.
So take note, why not share your pride and joy with other TR owners. The photo's do not need to be so professional looking, Mark obviously put a lot of effort in to getting these shots. Thanks Mark.

My father, TR's and Revington TR are all wrapped up for me in the same memories. Dad had a TR when I was a kid and he spent what seemed years rebuilding it in our old garage, and some of my earliest memories are traveling with Dad down to the Neil Revington's house/garage, which was the humble birthplace of Revington TR, to pick up "bits" for the TR rebuild and to get much needed advice and guidance. The whole TR experience and camaraderie centred around Neil and the enthusiasts for the marque. It seemed really exciting to me as a youngster and my love for TR's was born.


Unfortunately my father passed away a few years ago, but I am sure he would have approved of me blowing my modest inheritance on my own TR4 exactly the same as his (down to the colour). All the details and style of the TR evoked for me memories of Dad, my childhood and my love for classic TR's. Of course the only choice for me to vet the car and advise me was Neil and Revington TR. Neil accompanied me to buy the car and has supplied "bits" and advice ever since.

My relationship with Revington TR has gone even further in Neil's support for my business The Pop-Up Hotel (, helping with advice on Motor-sport events and attending our launch event. Neil still supports our event work and I hope to lure him and some TR's to our set up at Goodwood Revival as well...…

The above is an extract from Somerset Life. To see the full article please click on the link below. 

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